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Poor Q1 returns catch up on risky fiduciary managers

Fiduciary managers with heavily equity-based portfolios suffered the heaviest losses in the first quarter of 2020, as the wide variation in strategies continues to provoke discussion about the right level of growth portfolio diversification.

After a fine innings at BW, McLean still wants to bat

A pension legend, Malcolm McLean has just stepped down as a senior consultant with Barnett Waddingham. He has received countless gongs, culminating in an OBE and two awards for outstanding achievement, but as a modest man he does not trumpet such fripperies.

Unfunded public pensions to take £150bn hit from Covid-19

Overinflated estimates of UK economic performance could strain the affordability of unfunded public sector pensions, according to new estimates, with the government forced to weigh the continued security of public sector workers’ retirement against a £150bn tax burden on future generations.

Section 75: Ticking time-bomb in need of reform, say lawyers

Analysis: Experts say section 75 debts and flexible apportionment agreements, one of the most complex areas of pensions law, is crying out for change.

Return of the zombies: Can trustees ‘game’ PPF?

Defined benefit trustees linked to struggling employers face tough decisions about whether to tip their sponsors into insolvency or increase their burden on the Pension Protection Fund amid the onset of a global recession, in what experts have called a regulatory grey area.

Premier Foods sets up tasty scheme merger

Premier Foods, maker of Mr Kipling cakes, has reached a groundbreaking agreement to merge its RHM, Premier Foods and Premier Grocery Products pension schemes, a move that the company estimates could save it as much as £145m in contributions.

Scottish Widows hires former regulator as master trust chair

Andrew Warwick-Thompson has been at centre of the pensions industry since 1986, in a variety of top jobs including leading roles at the Pensions Regulator and in the Local Government Pension Scheme, and is now clutching his first non-executive role as chair of the Scottish Widows Master Trust.

News UK partners with Scottish Widows on pension app testing

News UK

Newspaper publisher News UK is collaborating with Scottish Widows on the testing of a new member app, as the pensions industry counts the cost of its failed attempts to boost engagement.

Pension Ombudsman awards Police Scotland employee £2,000

Lawyers have cautioned employers to keep their members fully informed of any pension benefit changes, after the Pensions Ombudsman awarded a Police Scotland employee £2,000.

Ombudsman’s Royal Mail decision opens up Pandora’s box

The Pensions Ombudsman has upheld a complaint against the Royal Mail Statutory Pension Scheme for refusing to pay a deferred pension, providing a salutary lesson for employers who fail to keep adequate records.