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TPS phased withdrawal plan arrives too late for hundreds of schools

Teachers’ organisations and pension professionals have given a lukewarm welcome to the Department for Education’s proposal to allow independent schools to retain Teachers’ Pension Scheme membership for existing staff, while at the same time offering private plans for new staff.

Pension professionals demand pause to TPR’s tough stance on funding

The UK could face a tidal wave of insolvencies and job losses in the coming winter months. With this bleak prospect looming, pension professionals are calling for a more pragmatic approach from the Pensions Regulator on scheme funding.

Professional trustees: ‘quis custodiet ipsos custodes?’

Analysis: With consolidation now the name of the game in the small world of pensions, trustee conflicts of interest could harm millions of pension scheme members’ prospects, as schemes eye superfunds and master trusts with vast sums at stake in fees.

Majority of DB schemes’ recovery plans on track before Covid

Data crunch: Only a third of defined benefit schemes extended their recovery plan end date in 2019, but pandemic storms are set to see pension funds entering choppy waters, with insolvency looming for some sponsors and trustees being asked to make tough decisions.

DWP still keeping millions in the dark over loss of GMP top ups

Millions of people are still unaware of the loss of a valuable indexed guaranteed minimum pension benefit to their state pension since 2016, as the Department for Work and Pensions still has not complied with an Ombudsman ruling to inform the public of this deprivation.

Doctors’ admin saga rumbles on as compensation issued

Doctors are up in arms over a long history of serious pensions admin shortcomings in the lumbering NHS Pension Scheme, some of which are still surfacing.

BT Pension Scheme sets ambitious 2035 net-zero goal

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The UK’s largest private sector pension scheme now aims to be one of the greenest, with a new goal to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 across its £55bn portfolio.

One in five teachers may have incorrect pension entitlements

One in five teachers may be at risk of receiving incorrect information about their pension entitlements, with discrepancies also likely to be found in other decentralised public sector pension schemes with multiple employers.

Small pots: Experts scorn idea of a pension for life

Data crunch: Experts have decried the radical solution to the small pots’ crisis, a pension for life, despite the threat that sub-scale funds could overwhelm the UK system.

Cheshire in the vanguard on TCFD carbon revelations

The Cheshire Pension Fund is one of the first UK pension funds to report on the carbon footprint of its £6.1bn investment portfolio, estimating that its stock portfolio’s carbon intensity is a third less than the benchmark.