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UK pension schemes still caught in Russian crossfire

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CPD: Stephanie Hawthorne reports on the complexities of divestment as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues with no sign of peace on the horizon.

First superfund deal could happen before end of 2022


CPD: Superfunds have long been mooted as a possible solution for defined benefit schemes where an employer’s covenant is weak or there exists a danger of insolvency. They are now set to move from the drawing board to reality this year, reports Stephanie Hawthorne.

The surge of small ‘pointless pots’ endangers AE credibility

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CPD: There are now at least 10mn inactive pots in master trusts alone after just one decade of auto-enrolment, but the pace of reform is glacial, Stephanie Hawthorne writes.

The state pension – a creaking centenarian


CPD: The state pension is an essential retirement staple for the entire UK, but Stephanie Hawthorne questions whether the system is still fit for purpose.

Are DC retirees second-class citizens in a two-tier workplace market?


CPD: The defined contribution workplace pensions sector is failing savers at their hour of most need as decumulation options are still not fit for purpose, Stephanie Hawthorne finds.

Is it time to ‘retire’ pensions tax relief?


CPD: Pensions tax is riddled with anomalies and traps for the unwary, but Stephanie Hawthorne asks whether the whole system needs overhauling.

Fears for dashboards as complexities cast doubt on 2023 launch


CPD: With pending regulations and a lack of certainty on details surrounding pensions dashboards, Stephanie Hawthorne describes the progress so far on a project dubbed the ‘poster child’ for the industry.

2022: Lawyers call for regulatory pension pause


The raft of changes in legislation after a year marked by a flurry of consultations has prompted pension lawyers to call for a regulatory pause in 2022, to enable schemes and professionals to keep up to date with the latest changes.

2022: Master trust ‘gold rush’ in DC consolidation boom


The fruition of the expected boom in consolidation, developments in the pensions dashboard and the eternal question on tax relief reform fill up the DC agenda for 2022.

Torrent of fraud cases overwhelms FCF’s finances


CPD: As the number of cases of pensions fraud continues to rise, Stephanie Hawthorne looks how last year’s court ruling has led to a huge strain on the Fraud Compensation Fund’s reserves.