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Experts dismiss national pension fund proposal

Analysis: Experts have largely poured scorn on a highly controversial proposal to create a gigantic national sovereign fund by merging public schemes and then mopping up private plans as well.

Embattled charities face pensions no-win situation


With charities being crushed by the pandemic-led financial crisis, the situation of their defined benefit schemes has become even more precarious, with some organisations not being able to afford future pension liabilities

Absent trustees hamper scheme decision-making during pandemic


With some schemes having to temporarily suspend operations due to absent trustee board members during the crisis, more guidance is needed on how best to manage unforeseen absences.

Scheme demand could see ‘greenium’ for new-style gilts

Green bonds

Pension schemes are expected to jump at the opportunity of investing in the first issuance of green bonds in the UK, which could lead to a green premium.

LPPA embarks on data journey and reaps rewards of digital tracing

Laptop hand IT PC (teaser)

Case study: A renewed effort to ramp up digital tracing and mortality screening has been a boon to the Local Pensions Partnership Administration, with the exercise having the potential to cut costs, save time and improve actuarial valuations.

Uber verdict challenges employers and master trusts

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The recent Uber court decision could become a headache for employers and master trusts, with a potential ‘levelling down’ of pensions creating more difficulties for these schemes to achieve value for money.

Trustees facing up to 50% liability insurance premium hike

Insurance claim

The cost of dealing with claims and new legislation is forcing insurers to increase premiums.

DB schemes can be severely impacted by Libor closure

Bank of England 2021 (teaser)

The end of the London interbank offered rate at the end of this year is expected to have huge consequences for defined benefit schemes, which historically have been using it for different asset class investments and even for managers’ benchmarks.

Covid launches pensions into tech revolution

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With trustees needing constant information sharing, new software models and players come to the fore.

Pension lawyers reap rewards from legal miasma in calls for reform

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There are more than 1,000 pension lawyers in the UK, with such high numbers speaking volumes about the burden of convoluted regulation, impenetrable legislation and unworkable tax law as legal practitioners call for change, in an exclusive Pensions Expert survey.