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RBS scheme diversifies with US life settlements

RBS cover graphic teaser

The RBS Pension Scheme has made a number of new investments as part of its long-term plan to diversify its portfolio.

Employers congregate to solve Baptist scheme deficit

The Baptist Union of Great Britain has established an employer group to develop a strategy for plugging the scheme’s increased deficit. 

PPF deficit figures presage hard times for funding and dividends

Analysis: Following the Pension Protection Fund’s news of yet another record deficit in defined benefit pensions, many schemes can expect to gear up for challenging funding negotiations, amid growing fears for company dividends. 

British Steel pensions rule change proposals shelved

British Steel Pension Scheme

The government has reportedly put aside plans to change pensions legislation that would allow Tata Steel UK’s pension scheme to stay out of the Pension Protection Fund according to insiders briefed on the issue.

All aboard the pensions bus

From the blog: This week a double decker bus is cruising down the country with one objective: to drive engagement with retirement saving.


As Pension Awareness Day arrives, there is even more focus on making long-term saving more interesting.


Scottish Widows’ 2016 Retirement Report shows that 23 per cent of people have no idea if they are saving enough for retirement, and 47 per cent of those in their 30s and 40s are saving inadequately or not at all.


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Pensions dashboard prototype to launch by next spring

The Treasury has said it will be working with 11 pension providers to release a prototype of the pensions dashboard by March 2017.

CAF exits multi-employer scheme to set up own fund

CAF DB scheme infographic

The Charities Aid Foundation has withdrawn from a multi-employer defined benefit pension plan and established a new DB scheme, removing its exposure to other employers’ pension liabilities.

Phoenix Group opts for second helping of Pie

Phoenix Group’s PGL Pension Scheme has completed a pension increase exchange exercise, but despite only wiping £3m off liabilities, the company says the exercise met pre-implementation expectations.

Schemes urged to revisit risk as deficits soar

Defined benefit pension deficits have escalated since last month, but despite the challenging environment and gloomy outlook, some experts say schemes should stay calm and consider re-evaluating their risk portfolios.

Desire for better data sparks mortality study for Star Group

Star Group has decided to conduct a medically underwritten mortality study for its defined benefit scheme, as it works on tackling an increased deficit while reducing investment risk.