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Oxford University Press tackles pensions fraud with data matching

The Oxford University Press pension scheme has volunteered to take part in the Cabinet Office’s National Fraud Initiative data matching exercise to help detect and prevent benefit fraud.

Edinburgh University proposes raft of changes to plug scheme deficit

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The University of Edinburgh has proposed a number of changes to its defined benefit pension fund to make the scheme more affordable and sustainable, as its deficit has risen by a quarter.

Telefónica rings the changes with pensions modelling tool

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A new online pensions modeller is being launched for defined contribution members of the Telefónica UK Pension Plan, but some experts have questioned the benefit of such tools.


How members' mental health issues affect pension schemes

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Any Other Business: Every year 70m working days are lost due to mental health, while a quarter of people consider resigning due to stress, according to the Mental Health Foundation, so how do work-related mental health issues affect pension schemes and employers? 


Comet scheme enters alternatives space

Comet scheme enters alternatives space

In a bid to improve diversification and returns, the Comet Pension Scheme has added alternatives to its portfolio, as rising deficits and the current economic environment prompt many pension funds to hunt for yield.

Stagecoach tightens governance reins with scheme merger

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Stagecoach Group has merged one of its smaller pension plans with its £1.3bn defined benefit scheme, but the company has maintained a separate section for the smaller fund, keeping liabilities separate while potentially sharing some costs.

DHL transition exercise delivers savings for members

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Postal and logistics company DHL has saved £2.3m for members of its UK defined contribution pension fund by trading investments between members at no cost following an investment transition.

Select committee inquiry: What should change to safeguard DB?

As the deadline for submitting views on defined benefit to the Work and Pensions Committee has passed, experts say there is a need for greater flexibility, potential benefit reductions and increased powers for the Pensions Regulator.

Access set to rent as pools decide on structure

The Access pool of the Local Government Pension Scheme is looking into renting a provider for the structure of its investment vehicle, but there are different options for pools depending on how much they want to outsource.