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Early exit charge cap attracts criticism and praise


Both the government and the Financial Conduct Authority have confirmed plans to introduce caps on early exit pension charges, but authorities should take care not to actively encourage early decumulation, experts say. 

HMRC system changes ‘not catching anyone unawares’

HMRC is making software changes as part of ongoing plans to ensure its systems are up to date, but as long as pension administrators making pay-as-you-earn or pension scheme returns are prepared, they should not be too concerned, experts have said.

Merseyside mulls infra for income

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Merseyside Pension Fund is considering an increase in its allocation to infrastructure, as experts have warned that investors should ensure they have access to the relevant skills and experience.

Rexam reduces membership through commutation exercise

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The Rexam Pension Plan has carried out a trivial commutation exercise, contributing towards a reduction in total membership as defined benefit schemes are trying to reduce costs.

Select committee urges government to scrap triple lock

The Work and Pensions Committee has called for the state pension triple lock to be scrapped, in an attempt to ameliorate an economy "skewed in favour of baby boomers and against millennials".

Closure cases: How trade unions are changing tack

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It is not uncommon to hear of trade unions stepping in to protect defined benefit provision for members, as final salary schemes continue to close. But with a greater focus on defined contribution adequacy, union approaches to closure cases are evolving.

TPR uses powers to stamp out non-compliance and avoidance issues

The Pensions Regulator has continued to demonstrate its tougher approach by fining trustees for non-compliance.

CBI requests reforms to ease DB burden on businesses

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The Confederation of British Industry has called for a number of reforms to help tackle the problem of pension costs for companies, including access to illiquid assets and approaches to measuring deficits. 

New comms strategy charges up member contributions at Schneider Electric

PLSA Annual Conference 2016: Schneider Electric has overhauled its defined contribution engagement strategy, as research shows that members want solutions that enable them to make decisions and implement them easily.

Treasury scraps plans for secondary annuity market amid consumer protection concerns

Proposed reforms to create a secondary annuity market have been abandoned due to concerns about consumer protection and value for money.