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Shell scraps pensioner liaison reps after e-comms push

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Shell is removing its network of pensioner liaison representatives with a view to changing to a more cost-effective approach to supporting retired members of the Shell Contributory Pension Fund.

Reuters scheme simplifies strategy in liquidity search

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As part of a push to simplify its asset allocation and achieve greater liquidity, Reuters Pension Fund is exiting its property investments, putting some of the proceeds into a new buy-and-maintain mandate and an existing diversified growth fund.

QROPS: Between expat need and tax loophole

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High earners sometimes prefer to move their pension overseas and out of the UK taxman's reach, so how should trustees deal with requests to transfer to a qualifying recognised overseas pension scheme?

Combined Nuclear seeks inflation linkage with ground rents

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The Combined Nuclear Pension Plan has added a commercial ground rents fund to its portfolio as part of its interest in assets with long-term inflation-linked cash flows.

Shipbuilding members can board public sector scheme

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The Shipbuilding Industries Pension Scheme has given certain members of its Fleet Support section the choice to rejoin a public service pension scheme as part of the government’s 'new fair deal' policy, but experts say it might not all be plain sailing.

FCA annuity provider rules to encourage consumers to shop around

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New plans announced by the Financial Conduct Authority will require annuity providers to make consumers aware of rival deals before they purchase an annuity, and some experts say there should be similar rules for other retirement products.

Thames Water pours money into LDI

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Trustees of Thames Water’s two defined benefit pension schemes have been focusing on risk reduction over the past year, introducing a new liability-driven portfolio for both funds. 

National Grid goes ahead with new scheme sections


National Grid has decided on the section allocation of scheme members after agreeing on the creation of three independent sections within the National Grid UK Pension Scheme earlier this year

'Unconflicted' MNTs have a place on trustee boards, experts say

Communicating complicated legislative changes, focusing on defined contribution governance and protecting members’ benefits are just a few of the challenges faced by trustee boards.

No gain without pain: Children and financial education

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Any Other Business: Learning to manage money from an early age could help children get used to deferring gratification, potentially proving invaluable in saving for later life.