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Pinpointing life expectancy could cut deficits by £25bn

Using more accurate assumptions on longevity could be the key to bringing down defined benefit pension scheme deficits, new research shows.

Saul relocates trustees in cost-cutting drive


The Superannuation Arrangements of the University of London has saved more than £500,000 by relocating its trustee team as part of a wider push to improve cost efficiency.

TfL considers a closer look at carbon exposure

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The Transport for London Pension Fund plans to look into ways of analysing its carbon exposure following a member request, as experts stress that schemes need to understand exactly what they are measuring and what further steps they can take.

Industry finds no easy answers in dividends v deficits debate

Most FTSE 100 companies could clear their pension deficits in less than two years by withholding dividends, new research says. Experts have called for more focus on the contrast between dividend payments and deficit repair contributions, though others say there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

LafargeHolcim reconstructs DC scheme


Building materials giant LafargeHolcim has changed the default fund and administration of its defined contribution pension scheme following a value-for-money assessment.

Contribution hike prompts pension protest at Bangor University

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Public sector union Unison has protested against Bangor University’s plans to raise pension contributions, but despite the demurral, changes will be going ahead this month.

Seeing the wood for the trees: The ins and outs of investing in forestry

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Analysis: Whether investing in the UK or overseas, forestry and timberland can be an attractive addition to a pension fund portfolio. So what should trustees be aware of before branching out into this asset class?

Partial transfers would bring more choice into DB

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From the blog: While many people have been rushing recently to cash in their final salary pensions, others are still torn between sticking with a guaranteed income and transferring all of their benefits. 


Plummeting gilt yields have contributed towards record rises in transfer values over the past year.


Partial transfers are relatively uncommon, but should more schemes start to offer them? Members who are lucky enough to have the option of choosing a partial transfer are able to take out part of their pension while having the certainty of keeping the remainder in a defined benefit fund.


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What's the outlook for DC in 2017?

Defined contribution adequacy and stagnant investments were key concerns for trustees in 2016, so what do experts think the new year has in store for DC?

Brexit, pooling and transparency: Top investment stories from 2016

Year in review: Investment fees and the impact of Brexit on schemes’ portfolios stood out among the most salient subjects for pension schemes in 2016, while the ongoing low-yield environment prompted funds to seek higher returns and cut back on costs.