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'Greenest of green papers' explores DB sustainability options but lacks urgency

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A wide-ranging government green paper is exploring a number of possible changes to improve the sustainability of defined benefit schemes, but although experts welcomed the variety of issues discussed, some noted a lack of urgency. 

DCIF: Mastertrusts must up their game on investment design

Mastertrusts must place greater importance on investment design to achieve the best possible outcomes for members, a new study suggests.

Cancer Research scheme takes the plunge into LDI

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Trustees of Cancer Research UK’s defined benefit pension fund have put in place a new liability-driven investment allocation, minimising funding volatility following the EU referendum.

Treasury triples advice allowance but limits withdrawals

The Treasury has tripled the pensions advice allowance to £1,500, allowing people to take part of their defined contribution pots early to put towards retirement advice, but some experts say limiting withdrawals to £500 per tax year is still too restrictive. 

Greater flexibility needed to cope with growing longevity

The Department for Work and Pensions has called on employers to facilitate working at an older age so over-50s benefit from the same opportunities as their younger counterparts.

Dairy Crest churns up a new investment strategy

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The Dairy Crest Pension Fund has derisked while restructuring its investment portfolio by moving away from UK investment grade credit and ‘going global’, as schemes continue to reassess the purpose of their credit exposures.

Trustees overlook strategic objectives due to deficit distraction

Deficits distract the majority of trustees from focusing on the ultimate goal of paying members’ pensions, recent research has found, but some experts highlighted the role of covenant strength and scheme size in deciding where the priority should be.

Industry on right track with diversity initiatives, but further change is needed

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Any other business: The need for greater diversity across the pensions and asset management industry is evident, so what progress has been made so far to improve the situation?

Luxfer Group ups DGFs in portfolio restructure


Global materials technology company Luxfer Group has restructured the growth portfolio of its defined benefit scheme to invest in diversified growth funds, as research has predicted continued demand for these strategies.

Trustees told to focus less on market volatility

Barnett Waddingham

From Brexit to Trump, the political events of 2016 added to market uncertainty throughout the year, but trustees should take care not to be too fixated on volatility.