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TPR guidance: Welcome set of principles or waste of time?

While some have welcomed the Pensions Regulator’s recently published and extensive collection of investment guidance for those running defined benefit pension schemes, there are some concerns over the effectiveness of the information for time-stretched or less diligent trustees.

Industry reaps rewards of apprenticeship programmes, but challenges remain

Any other business: Apprenticeships are on the rise in the pensions industry, and while they appeal to an increasing number of people as a debt-free alternative to university, the apprenticeship levy and the prospect of jumping straight into a full-time job are still hurdles to be overcome.

IA consults on cost disclosure code amid data overload concerns

The Investment Association is calling for views on a proposed industry code on disclosure of charges and transaction costs, as some have stressed the importance of making such data easy to interpret.

Cornwall agrees new private credit allocation

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The Cornwall Pension Fund is set to make an allocation to private credit, an asset class increasingly popular among schemes as tightened bank regulation has opened up a new range of investment options.

CPS 'auto-protection' call reignites freedoms debate

Thinktank the Centre for Policy Studies has highlighted the need to shield savers from financial risks in later life through the idea of “auto-protection”, with the introduction of auto-drawdown, followed by auto-annuitisation at age 80. 

Face-to-face comms can sweeten 'unpalatable' news

With the world of pensions constantly changing, employers and trustees are investing more time, effort and resources into liaising with members, but face-to-face communication has been deemed particularly effective when it comes to bad news.

Lack of savings highlights importance of state pension

The number of women retiring without a pension has dropped, new research shows, but nearly 14 per cent of people have not made provisions for their retirement, highlighting the significance of the state pension for savers.

Leicester Uni scheme cuts risk with higher hedge

Following closure to future benefit accrual, trustees at the University of Leicester Pension and Assurance Scheme have decided to double its hedge, as experts emphasise the importance of keeping an eye on triggers and cash flow.

Pensions fail to convince savers but attitudes are expected to change

Fewer than half of people view workplace pensions as the most secure form of retirement savings, but experts have said attitudes towards saving for the future could change, driven by the current housing shortage, auto-enrolment developments and the demise of defined benefit pension funds.

Building for retirement: Why we cannot rely on bricks and mortar

Sophia Imeson

From the blog: With soaring house prices preventing more and more people from owning their own home, future generations may be less likely to be able to supplement their retirement income through property, meaning workplace pensions are becoming more important than ever.


Last month’s government housing white paper highlighted the fact that an average home now costs almost eight times the average earnings, and the additional demand for property investing is pushing prices up further.


Given that not enough homes are being built, this housing shortage is set to get worse.


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