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LGPS under fire on costs to members

Reporting and cost disclosure across the Local Government Pension Scheme must become more transparent, experts have said, as a new report highlights wide discrepancy in the levels of charges passed on to scheme members.

The cost of fund management for members of Cheshire Pension Fund was 44 times the bill charged to their peers in West Yorkshire, according to a report from the Centre for Policy Studies released today.

What schemes can learn from 2015's top 5 DB stories

Funding pressures and mounting deficits racked up the pressure on UK defined benefit arrangements in 2015, but schemes accepted the challenge and responded with some innovative moves to tackle liabilities.

Troubled DB schemes should focus on members’ best interests

Trustees of defined benefit schemes may need to change tack towards securing a “second best outcome” for members, as new analysis estimates 1,000 UK schemes will be unable to pay benefits in full due to “unmanageable stresses”.

Three ways to trim your liabilities in 2016

Analysis: While many defined benefit schemes have yet to explore ways to provide enhanced flexibility to members, there are three key strategies in this area that could ease the pressure of mounting liabilities in 2016.

Regulator aims to 'eradicate surprises' with risk management guide

The Pensions Regulator has issued a practical guide on integrated risk management to help trustees assess and respond to covenant, investment and funding risks, but experts have said schemes will need additional help. 

Fid man assets surpass £100bn but cynicism persists

Pension assets under fiduciary management hit £114bn during 2015, but independent trustees remain sceptical of the alignment of interests underpinning such arrangements.

Brewer's 'salami' derisking tactic is no small beer for liabilities

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Midlands-based brewer Marston’s has bought in more than a third of its pension scheme liabilities since 2013 through a series of deals aimed at reducing volatility across its long-dated obligations and providing added security for members.

Cash flow crisis: How to avoid becoming a forced seller

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Feature: Sweeping closures of defined benefit schemes across the UK will limit the pain of future liabilities for sponsors, but have created a growing problem many pension funds have been slow to recognise: a cash flow crisis is on the horizon.

What to do if your DC sponsor goes bust

Defined contribution trustees must respond quickly when scheme sponsors go into administration, particularly in scenarios where financial distress has delayed payment of contributions into the safe haven of a scheme.

Shire funds ‘keeping options open’ for asset pooling

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A group of seven Local Government Pension Scheme funds has appointed a manager to run a joint £6.5bn passive mandate, but the funds involved in the arrangement say longer-term plans for pooling are still under discussion.