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Schemes think long term to tackle future risk

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PLSA Investment Conference 2016: Panellists from both public and private sector defined benefit arrangements and defined contribution mastertrust Nest assessed the complex matrix of risks facing schemes across the UK.

LGPS to meet cost of GMP inflation proofing

A quirk in regulation could leave the Local Government Pension Scheme and several other public sector arrangements responsible for meeting the costs of inflation-proofing the benefits of members retiring between April 2016 and December 2018.

Tax relief off the table but Budget could still bring surprises

The chancellor is reported to have shelved anticipated changes to pensions tax relief ahead of next week’s Budget, but industry commentators predict a further wrangle of the landscape could still be afoot.

Swallowfield charts new route with scheme closure

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The latest scheme to pull up the drawbridge on defined benefit accrual, Swallowfield has enhanced its defined contribution offering for members, but consultants have urged caution against “sleepwalking” into bigger deficits.

Unilever refines DB and DC investment after review

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Pension fund trustees at consumer goods giant Unilever undertook a review of the UK pension scheme's overall strategy last year and have implemented several changes across the defined benefit and defined contribution sections.

Costly equalisation error: Morrisons handed £100m liability by High Court ruling

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A High Court ruling on the benefits for 15,000 former Safeway workers has added a £100m liability to current owner Morrison’s defined benefit obligation, pointing to the difficulties involved in equalisation.

Market effects of possible Brexit throw up investment questions

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Analysis: Trustees must consider how growing uncertainty over the UK’s future in the European Union could hit their holdings, consultants have said, identifying both headwinds and opportunities en route to the referendum.

Self-employed savings gap a 'ticking time bomb'

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Pension arrangements for self-employed workers are in need of urgent review, MPs have been told, as industry figures consider the next steps for workplace pension policy.

BMA hunts for yield with long-lease property

The British Medical Association Pension Scheme has invested in long-lease property since 2007, enabling the fund to 'smooth the ride' through long-term property cycles while securing a fixed income stream.

LGPS meets first pooling landmark

The Local Government Pension Scheme submitted initial proposals for asset pooling last week, but talks between funds are ongoing as the scheme works to meet government benchmarks.