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Pensions on the horizon

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Editorial: My daughter recently listened to my chest to ‘check’ my health. When she had finished, with a sombre look on her face, she said: “Oh dear. You are very old.” It is a devastating diagnosis, and I am still waiting for a cure.

Time to shine

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Editorial: The Pension and Investment Provider Awards are around the corner – on May 2 we will be recognising excellence in pensions services for the 19th time.

Opperman tells insurers to do more for savers

Pensions and financial inclusion minister Guy Opperman has urged insurers to deliver the products and processes the market is often criticised for lacking, and to defend the pension freedoms policy.

Leonardo Helicopters extends Pie and switches to CPI

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Leonardo Helicopters has decided to keep its scheme open to accrual but plans to extend a pension increase exchange while tweaking the inflation measure for future benefit build-up.

Prepare for the best

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Editorial: Humans are not naturally suited to being actuaries, it seems.

Chatbots, GDPR and scams: Is admin in for a sea change?

Technological advances could mean pensions administration is about to become a lot sexier, but while cyber security evolves humans still need education if the industry is to protect pensions data and money.

The freedom not to choose

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Editorial: Default options for would-be retirees are the industry’s new darling, as poor support for savers at retirement still blights the UK pension system.

Tourist board employers block scheme valuation

Tourist board employers block scheme valuation

The British Tourist Authority and VisitScotland have yet to sign off on their scheme’s 2015 valuation as they are looking to secure guarantees from the UK and Scottish governments, in what has been described as a “torturous” process.

Nothing to see here

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Editorial: The gaping hole in the public accounts caused by unfunded public sector pensions has arguably become too large to hide.