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Single mothers face £246,000 pension shortfall

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Single mothers in the UK are facing a £246,000 shortfall in their pension pots compared with the average couple, and this is being further exacerbated by rising inflation and falling wages.

Pension savers face ‘double’ tax hit as inflation soars

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On the go: The government’s decision to freeze the lifetime allowance could yield up to £2bn for the Treasury, double the £1bn it previously projected due to a surge in inflation this year.

FCA extends DB transfer redress consultation deadline

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On the go: The Financial Conduct Authority has extended the deadline for responses to its consultation looking at how it could change the way it calculates redress for those who were wrongly advised to transfer out of a defined benefit scheme.

‘Broad dissatisfaction’ felt over govt’s pensions policy

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On the go: Dissatisfaction has mounted over the government’s handling of pensions policy during the past year.

Maps aware living squeeze could see savers dip into their pensions

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On the go: The Money and Pensions Service has said it is “mindful” of the ongoing living cost crisis and the pressure it is placing on savers' pension pots.