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RPI change may leave DB schemes at risk of overpaying transfer values

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On the go: The change to the retail price index means that defined benefit schemes risk overpaying transfer values by 10 per cent if transfer terms are not adjusted, according to calculations by Hymans Robertson.

UK DB surplus surges by £19.5bn in April

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On the go: The aggregate surplus of the 5,318 defined benefit schemes in the Pension Protection Fund 7800 Index has increased by £19.5bn in April.

Auto-enrolment participation stagnates in 2020

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On the go: 2020 was the first year to see unchanged levels of participation since the auto-enrolment scheme was introduced, according to new figures from the Office for National Statistics published on Monday. 

Govt urged to encourage later life pension contribution plan

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On the go: Policymakers should carefully consider later life cycle factors when developing future policies to increase retirement savings, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

DC savers face retirement shortfalls as growth forecasts dip

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On the go: Millions of workers face life-changing retirement shortfalls, as lower growth forecasts are set to wipe a third off pot values, according to new research. 

JPMorgan AM urges investors to globalise real asset portfolios

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On the go: JPMorgan Asset Management has advised investors to globalise real asset allocations to avoid price volatility in times of crisis.

Actuary receives £65,000 fine from FRC due to misconduct


The Financial Reporting Council has issued a £65,000 penalty and imposed a severe reprimand to an actuary, due to misconduct relating to services provided to Coats Group between 2005 and 2012.

USS targets net-zero emissions, MPs launch stewardship inquiry

ESG spotlight

ESG spotlight: A roundup of the latest news on environmental, social and governance initiatives, with the Universities Superannuation Scheme targeting net-zero carbon emissions, the Work and Pensions Committee launching an inquiry into stewardship, and COP26, and new research showing that almost half of savers would prefer greener pensions.

Call to scrap ‘draconian’ MPAA as savers raid pension pots

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On the go: A total of £2.6bn was withdrawn from defined contribution pension schemes under the government’s flexible payment rules during the first quarter of 2021, an increase of 6 per cent year on year from the £2.5bn taken out during the same period last year, according to new statistics from HM Revenue & Customs.

European asset owners fire warning shots across fund managers’ bows

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On the go: Institutional investors in Europe are set to ditch fund managers they deem are both charging too much and providing unsatisfactory levels of reporting and transparency.