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Third of high-risk DB transfers would pass new scam test

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On the go: One in three high-risk defined benefit transfers would not be flagged under new scam rules proposed by the government, according to research from XPS Pensions Group.

AMNT updates red line voting policies due to regulatory changes

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On the go: The Association of Member Nominated Trustees has updated its red line voting policies to reflect industry and regulatory changes since the campaign was first launched in 2016.

A third of DB schemes now have professional trustees

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On the go: The number of defined benefit schemes with a professional trustee on its board has increased by 60 per cent in five years, with a third of pension funds now using these services, according to LCP.

ACA calls for more time to comply with pension scams rules

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On the go: The Association of Consulting Actuaries has said administrators and trustees will need more time to comply with new pension scam rules being introduced by the government.  

Research tech DB scheme receives £8.1m additional deficit payment

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On the go: Oxford Instruments made an additional deficit recovery payment of £8.1m to its defined benefit pension scheme in the year ending in March 2021.

UK DB scheme surplus increases £41bn in May

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On the go: The aggregate surplus of 5,318 defined benefit schemes eligible for the Pension Protection Fund increased by £40.9bn in May.

UK pension funds target net zero and Aegon moves £5bn into ESG assets

ESG spotlight

ESG Spotlight: A roundup of the latest news on environmental, social and governance initiatives, with UK pension funds pledging to commit to net zero by 2050 and Aegon to transition a further £3.5bn of its workplace default funds in June.

Nest launches bulk transfers service for employers

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On the go: Nest will be offering a “robust and efficient” bulk transfers service for UK employers, which will allow members’ abandoned pots to be automatically transferred to new ones.

FCA announces expectations for publication of costs and charges data this summer

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On the go: The Financial Conduct Authority has announced it will allow pension providers to disclose their charges at a scheme level rather than employer level for this year when data are published under new rules this summer.

Aon sells US businesses to complete merger with WTW

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On the go: Aon has sold two US businesses in order to complete its merger with Willis Towers Watson, after concerns were raised by the US Department of Justice.