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The future is… consolidation?

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Consolidation in the defined contribution market is booming, with master trusts sweeping smaller schemes, but questions remain about who will be the winners, writes PTL’s managing director Richard Butcher.

At what point should schemes begin to limit transfers?

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PTL's Richard Butcher explains why cash equivalent transfers are not just about the finances.

Monitoring the sustainability of your scheme's investments

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PTL's Richard Butcher outlines a process schemes can use to check up on the route and progress of their investments when it comes to sustainability.

Are mastertrusts financially stable?

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Professional trustee company PTL’s Richard Butcher takes a closer look at the financial risks mastertrusts take.

What a Labour government could mean for pensions

PTL's Richard Butcher outlines six key areas in which a Labour-led government could determine the next steps for UK pension provision.

The Budget changes were dramatic, surprising and good for DC

PTL's Richard Butcher says the Budget changes were good for defined contribution pension schemes in creating "engaged, informed members", in this edition of Informed Comment.

Why too many DC regulators spoil the broth

In the latest edition of Informed Comment, PTL's Richard Butcher argues a single regulator is crucial to the success of defined contribution pension schemes.

Mastertrust governance: the case for the defence

Letter: PTL's Richard Butcher takes Now Pensions' Morten Nilsson to task for his recent critique of mastertrust governance.

Keeping members informed and happy

Focusing on expected outcomes is key when developing a default fund, says PTL's Richard Butcher.

Letter to the editor

Steve Herbert's technical view in this weeks pw missed one of the motivations for using a trust based dc over a contract based group personal pension.