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The Weekly Wrap: January 19 edition

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A round-up of the pensions industry stories published across the FT Group – from a California fund seeking #MeToo disclosures, to the Korean National Pension Service’s plans to cut domestic exposure.

Rookes and Hirons-Wood join Pension SuperFund trustee board

On the go: Defined benefit consolidator the Pension SuperFund has announced the addition of two further trustees to its board.

APS trustees given go ahead to use scheme assets to fund appeal

On the go: Trustees of the Airways Pension Scheme have been given permission to use scheme assets to fund an appeal to the Supreme Court over APS discretionary increase litigation.

Health secretary in talks with chancellor over pensions tax relief

On the go: Matt Hancock, the secretary of state for health and social care, is in discussions with the chancellor over the issue of pensions tax relief and the impact it has on GP retention.

The Weekly Wrap: January 12 edition

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A round-up of the pensions industry stories published across the FT Group – from a pension lawsuit over student loan misdeeds, to Aussie supers and regulators slammed for failing members.

Accounts manager admits workplace pensions cover-up

On the go: A Bradford-based accounts manager lied to investigators to try to hide the fact that restaurants had not given their employees workplace pensions.

PIC invests further £125m in University of Exeter

On the go: Pension Insurance Corporation has completed an additional £125m investment with University Partnerships Programme, allowing UPP to design, build, fund and operate affordable accommodation for the University of Exeter.

DB funding slips lower over December

On the go: Surplus in the UK's defined benefit pension schemes evaporated over December, according to a funding measure used by the Pension Protection Fund.

A closer look at DB consolidation

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Podcast: Last month, the government published a consultation on the consolidation of defined benefit pension schemes. What is the outlook for DB superfunds? And what should trustees consider if they are thinking about switching from a sponsor covenant to a consolidator covenant? In this episode, Alex Hutton-Mills, managing director at Lincoln Pensions, and Paul McGlone, president of the Society of Pension Professionals, discuss the consultation and whether early adopter nerves are holding back inflows to the new DB consolidators.

Select committee launches inquiry into contingent charging

On the go: The Work and Pensions Committee has launched an inquiry into contingent charges for defined benefit transfer advice.