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How to make your scheme cyber resilient


CPD: Aon partner Paul McGlone details eight specific actions pension schemes trustees can implement to make sure pension funds, sponsors and members are protected from cyber security attacks.

Industry must not be defeatist on dashboards

Paul McGlone (teaser)

Paul McGlone’s last op-ed as president of the Society of Pension Professionals sees him make an impassioned plea not to abandon hope and impetus behind the dashboards project, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to solve the industry’s engagement problem.

The end is nigh for DB pensions

Paul McGlone

The defined benefit pensions industry has reached a tipping point, writes Paul McGlone, president of the Society of Pension Professionals.

The unseen funding target

Paul McGlone

Most defined benefit schemes are headed for buyout or self-sufficiency, but few acknowledge this aim in any formal way. Regulators look set to change this soon, writes Society of Pension Professionals president Paul McGlone.

What might the govt’s regime for commercial consolidators entail?

Paul McGlone

Since the Department for Work and Pensions published its white paper on defined benefit sustainability, two DB commercial consolidators have emerged. Paul McGlone, president of the Society of Pension Professionals and partner at Aon, discusses what the government’s authorisation and supervision process for commercial consolidation might look like.

Surplus poses opportunities and challenges for PPF

Paul McGlone

The Pension Protection Fund's surplus has the power to significantly alter the fortunes of the UK's defined benefit members and employers, writes Society of Pension Professionals president Paul McGlone, but deciding when, how and to whom to distribute it will prove an intriguing challenge.

IDWG cost disclosures are only the beginning

Paul McGlone

The code submitted by Chris Sier's working group on cost disclosure should make a material and positive difference to the industry, writes the Society of Pension Professionals' president Paul McGlone, but schemes have an obligation to make use of this new information.

Small schemes should not pin hopes on consolidators

Paul McGlone

Consolidators looking to profit from pensions look to have government support, says the Society of Pension Professionals' Paul McGlone, but those schemes in most desperate need of access to scale are unlikely to make attractive business.