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Public Accounts Committee to probe AEAT scheme members’ treatment

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The Public Accounts Committee is to investigate the treatment received by members of the AEA Technology Pension Scheme when it entered a Pension Protection Fund assessment period in 2012.

Could co-sourcing be the answer to rising pensions admin woes?

Analysis: Uncertainty is an overused word in the pensions landscape, yet it is particularly appropriate when we speak of administration, which is teetering on the brink of crisis.

There are no perfect models

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Editorial: The thorny issue of scheme governance has raised its head once again, with the publication of research by Cardano.

Will the slashing of fees exacerbate the advice gap?

Pádraig Floyd

Robos and dashboards will not beat targeted communications when it comes to engaging members, argues Pádraig Floyd from the Association of Member Nominated Trustees.

More detail emerges on pensions dashboard

The working group charged with devising a pensions dashboard – a single destination where consumers will be able to view all their retirement savings pots – has released its view of what it should look like.

Will the BHS fallout ring alarm bells across the corporate sector?

As another former high street stalwart hits the ropes, Pádraig Floyd summarises the action so far and asks whether any final decisions will affect the governance and regulation of UK schemes.

Discount rates and denial: Will local authorities soon see pension costs rise?

Source: House of Commons Library

Largely ignored amid the noise about the Lifetime Isa after the last Budget, the reduced discount rate for public sector schemes could also put extra costs on the Local Government Pension Scheme.

PE investors threaten to sell over transparency concerns

Private equity is experiencing a renaissance, but nearly a third of institutional investors may abandon their plans to invest over fears about transparency, a new report shows.

Annuities gain ground on drawdown as savers seek income for life

The anticipated plundering of pension funds following the implementation of the freedom and choice reforms last April has failed to materialise, according to data from the Association of British Insurers.