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Time in the sun for pension costs and charges

Mel Duffield (teaser)

Strong take-up of the Cost Transparency Initiative should not mean the industry takes its eye off the ball on costs, argues chair Mel Duffield.

Technical view: how to solve a problem like 3.9m small pots with less than £5,000?

The proliferation of small pension pots is a potentially serious, long-term risk to the success of the government’s auto-enrolment reforms.

Technical view: DC defaulters – whose fault is it anyway?

Incomes in retirement can be wildly distorted by the choice of annuity, NAPF research reveals.

Technical view: what will be the effect on schemes of yet more quantitative easing?

On the back of the chancellor’s autumn statement and with further downward revisions of growth forecasts from the OECD, the prospect of further rounds of quantitative easing (QE) has been left very much on the table. Speculation is mixed as to when this might happen but early spring still seems likely, before the effects of the latest injection of £75bn have fully fed through or been understood.