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Editorial: Revealing more than just winners

Illustration by Ben Jennings

Last week's Pension & Investment Provider Awards ceremony in London was a glitzy affair attended by key pensions industry folk from all corners of the sector.

PIPA 2015: The winners revealed…

PIPA Awards 2015

… plus a behind-the-scenes video showing how the judges chose the victors.

PIPA 2015… in tweets

The best of the tweets from last night's Pension & Investment Provider Awards #PIPA2015...

Editorial: Navigating risk and reward

Cartoon 18.05.15 teaser

The term ‘low-yield environment’, which once struck fear into the hearts of scheme trustees tackling deficits, has all but got its feet under the table. We are almost, but not quite, at home with the reality, like the in-laws who came for two weeks but ended up staying for six months.

Editorial: Stability a long way off


The election was unlike any other in recent memory for a host of reasons: its too-close-to-call nature, the shock not-quite-as-close exit poll on Thursday night, Jeremy Paxman ditching his fearsome Newsnight demeanour to dabble in wit on comedy panel shows.

General election 2015 – in pictures

Getty Images

General election 2015: Even the Conservatives couldn't quite hide their surprise at the outcome. Here are some key moments for party leaders following a night they will never forget...

Editorial: Drivers and disincentives

Ben Jennings

So taking the politics out of pensions is proving harder than this sensible-sounding phrase suggests.

Editorial: Not Tesco's finest hour


Closing a defined benefit scheme to future accrual is no longer considered a controversial move in the private sector.

Editorial: Powerful performances


No matter how often political sparring is proved a turnoff for voters, it’s a necessary part of the process and an accepted piece of theatre.