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An outstanding year for pensions…

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Editorial: And by that I mean we’re coming to the end of 2015 with several gargantuan issues left outstanding, hanging over the heads of schemes and providers.

Derisking dead ends

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Editorial: If you’re short of gift ideas for your favourite veteran trustee or scheme manager, the Pension Protection Fund’s Purple Book could be a good shout.

Guidance should be the 'aperitif' of the wider advice process

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Good guidance around the point of retirement will not be enough to ensure individuals manage the shape of their income in later life effectively, industry commentators have said.

Risk of retrospective fury

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Editorial: The pension items touched on in Wednesday's Autumn Statement may not have been as tectonic as the industry has become accustomed to in recent years, but it was further confirmation – if ever it was needed – that a break from 'progress' is not on the cards.

DC design: Six graphs on employers' direction of travel

From the blog: It’s time to turn words into action. While schemes have been extolling the feted ‘better member outcomes’, little movement is taking place to turn hopes and dreams into components of success.

Today’s survey findings from consultancy Aon Hewitt, gleaned from around 300 defined contribution pension schemes, show that more than half (57 per cent) have placed this focus on outcomes at the very top of their agendas.

But those same schemes are failing to help themselves and their members monitor this journey effectively.

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Give it a rest

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Editorial: A bit of signposting, scheduling and detail. That’s what most seem to be expecting for the pensions industry in Wednesday’s Autumn Statement. No lightning bolts or rabbits out of hats. Just confirmation and perhaps clarification on items we already expect.

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman – 3 takeaways from the latest data

I’m sure Tammy Wynette didn’t have pensions in mind when she sang these lyrics in that classic country dirge.

But once again the Scottish Widows annual Women and Retirement report has demonstrated that it is indeed hard, and crucially there’s a chasm between men’s and women’s ability to change the course of their pension outcomes.

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Safe as houses?

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Editorial: How individuals assess risk and reward is extremely complex. Data from the Office for National Statistics this week showed people would prefer to take a punt on property over pensions to deliver a retirement income.

Raining blows

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Editorial: You’ve probably seen it already. The broadside delivered to the Local Government Pension Scheme by the Centre for Policy Studies’ Michael Johnson, in a letter to the FT this week.