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What is the most important feature of a good DC scheme?

Data crunch: There is no doubt that defined contribution pension schemes face a large number of challenges in their quest to deliver good member outcomes.

Fixed income's new world: Flexible, absolute return and the rest

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Data crunch: Broadridge Financial Solutions’ Jonathan Libre takes a look at the increasingly complex range of fixed income products on the market, warning schemes to disregard marketing and look under the hood at funds.

Risk management should not just focus on assets

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Data Crunch: Performance numbers alone do not give an accurate picture of the health of a scheme, as the impact of the Brexit vote shows. Broadridge’s Jonathan Libre demonstrates the value of integrated risk management.

Could thematic investment help engage DC members?

Data crunch: Thematic funds struck a chord with European investors last year, pulling in significant sums of money. To a large extent, their popularity can be attributed to the simple fact that they invest in accordance with themes that the general public understand and relate to. With this in mind, could thematic investment approaches improve DC member engagement?

Data crunch: Consolidation will change shape of both DB and DC

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Unlike pension systems in the rest of Europe, where large-scale pension funds are common, the UK is characterised by a large number of small, single-employer pension schemes. Whether or not superfunds take off, consolidation will reshape the nation's pension schemes, says Broadridge's Jonathan Libre.

Have we entered a new investment fee paradigm?

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Data Crunch: Broadridge's Johathan Libre takes a looks at the changes underway in the asset management fee environment

The evolution of the outcome-oriented DB investment solution

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Data Crunch: Broadridge's Jonathan Libre takes a look at the evolution of defined benefit investment strategies to date, and outlines potential new trends as final salary plans mature.

The rise and rise of factor investing

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Data Crunch: Factor investing has attracted a lot of attention from the UK pensions industry. Defined benefit schemes have seen factors as a way to diversify their growth assets and achieve greater control of risk, while defined contribution schemes are exploring default investment strategies that may offer better value for money to their members.