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The biggest driver of change in DC

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Data Crunch: Broadridge’s Jonathan Libre looks at recent changes in legislation in the defined contribution space and how these schemes have adapted to a fast-evolving world of requirements.  

Positive momentum behind responsible investment

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Data Crunch: Broadridge’s Jonathan Libre looks at best practices from schemes’ implementing environmental, social and governance strategies and the challenges trustees face in this area.

LGPS: The differing approaches to investment pooling

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The belated establishment of LGPS pools has revealed an inequality in resources across differently sized schemes, says Broadridge's Jonathan Libre.

Is there a future for equities in DB?

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Data Crunch: Corporate defined benefit schemes have been shifting allocations away from equities as a means of reducing funding volatility and focusing on assets that can deliver contractual cash flows.

What does ‘value’ mean for UK DC schemes?

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Data crunch: Broadridge Financial Solutions’ Jonathan Libre dissects the ongoing debate around cost versus quality when it comes to delivering value to members, and why the market might be shifting away from a focus on low costs.

Seven features that define DB pension schemes

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Jonathan Libre, a principal in the Emea Insights team at Broadridge Financial Solutions, discusses seven key factors that define DB pension funds, and how they can provide a useful framework through which schemes can be examined. 

Greater platform use will open up alts to smaller schemes

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Data crunch: Defined benefit trustees are in a bind on cash flows, with low or even negative yields persisting in traditional fixed income just as their schemes’ liabilities begin to mature and cash injections dry up. Asset managers are responding by offering new solutions to help access alternative, secure income-generating assets.

Large DC schemes are warming to target date funds

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Data crunch: Target date funds have seen widespread adoption in the US defined contribution market, but the UK has so far resisted change with schemes overwhelmingly using lifestyle approaches. However, an increasing proportion of schemes are gravitating towards this structure, says Broadridge Financial Solutions' Jonathan Libre.

Have DGFs had their day?

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Data crunch: Diversified growth funds continue to face several challenges, from performance problems to competition from new product types. But despite these obstacles, this is not the end of the road for DGFs, argues Broadridge's Jonathan Libre.

What is the most important feature of a good DC scheme?

Data crunch: There is no doubt that defined contribution pension schemes face a large number of challenges in their quest to deliver good member outcomes.