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Unnecessary obstacles creating unequal opportunities to save

Joanne Segars

Now Pensions chair of trustees Joanne Segars points out the current challenges of the gender pensions gap and how some simple solutions could go a long way to correct this imbalance.

Good guidance for good outcomes

Joanne Segars

The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Associations's Joanne Segars welcomes the government's proposal for a single pensions guidance service, but says more needs to be done to ensure good outcomes for members.

After an eventful five years, the pensions challenge is not over

Joanne Segars

Talking Head: Joanne Segars from the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association looks at what has happened in the pensions world over the past five years and what lies ahead.

Segars: Keeping up the pressure in Europe has paid off

The last thing I saw before penning this blog was a rather downbeat commentary on Britain’s influence in the European Union. 

A House of Lords EU Committee report said the UK risks punching below its weight in Brussels. But it doesn’t look like that to me.

With a new European Commission pursuing a far more positive agenda than its predecessors, and some important policy wins chalked up on the National Association of Pension Funds' scoreboard, my view is we are doing better in Brussels than we have for many years. 

But their Lordships’ charge is a serious one. Even if their critique is off-target it’s no bad thing to be challenged – are we really as well represented in the EU’s corridors of power as we might be? 

And even if we think we are, have we got the foundations in place to keep those links strong in the future? 

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A good start, but carry on cutting

It’s hard to believe that since 1995 around 1,000 new rules on pensions have been created, which works out at roughly one every week.

Joanne Segars: transparency has to be visible

Joanne Segars 070512

It’s only a few months before millions of savers and employers engage with the pensions world – smaller employers have got a lot on their minds right now and many are probably dreading it.