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Negligent scheme administrator banned from running a business

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On the go: An insurance agent was banned from running a business for seven years for pension scheme negligence on Sunday, after the Insolvency Service said he put more than £13m in member savings at risk.

Minister tells schemes to quicken transfer pace with PASA guidelines

Ten weeks should be the maximum time limit for defined benefit transfers, according to industry-wide guidelines published on Monday by the Pensions Administration Standards Association.

Clara Pensions first consolidator to join PASA

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On the go: Clara Pensions became the first consolidator to join the Pensions Administration Standards Association on Wednesday, boosting its legitimacy before the announcement of its first client.

Trinity rocked by fellow resignations

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Three academic fellows resigned from Trinity College Cambridge on Monday, protesting the college’s decision to exit the Universities Superannuation Scheme.

McKibben: Smart money leaves fossil fuels well alone

Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben, founder of and the brains behind the global divestment movement, believes climate change poses an existential threat to pension funds.

Court of Appeal rejects ITV appeal against Upper Tribunal decision

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On the go: The Court of Appeal has dismissed ITV's appeal against the Upper Tribunal's decision that a Financial Support Direction should be issued to the broadcaster in relation to the Box Clever scheme.

PSIG calls on trustees to review procedures amid rise in scammers

The Pension Scams Industry Group exhorted trustees to review their scam prevention procedures on Tuesday, as pension fraud attempts continue to rise despite tightening government regulations.

The Pensions Regulator plans to extend its reach

The Pensions Regulator’s head of regulatory policy David Fairs announced plans to “ramp up” its reach on Friday, telling trustees they could no longer get away with ignoring the regulator’s requirements.

High Court reviews government handling of equalisation

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On the go: Campaign group BackTo60 headed to the High Court on Wednesday for a judicial review into how the government implemented the state pension age rise for women.

Govt admits its pension forecasts have ‘significant’ inaccuracies

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Pensions minister Guy Opperman was forced to admit “significant” problems with inaccurate state pension forecasting on Tuesday, raising fears hundreds of thousands of pensioners could be paid less than forecast.