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Editorial: Lessons learned

This is my last editorial for Pensions Expert and the last edition in which I have played a part, as I have moved on to fellow FT title Investors Chronicle. 

Editorial: Covering the gaps

Covering the gaps

Every good rugby team needs a full-back to watch for holes in the defensive line and, where breaches are made, to plug that gap – because breaches are inevitably made, even in the top teams.

Editorial: Well, in theory...

Well, in theory...

Some of the best minds in the pensions industry have spent the past 10 months trying to redesign defined contribution scheme investment. But some of that thinking is based on a faulty premise.

Why three in four say they will shun guidance guarantee

Only one in four over-55s intend to use the government’s free retirement guidance service, falling below one in 10 for women approaching retirement, in another sign of the challenge facing the system.

Editorial: Flying the Nest

Flying the Nest

Spare a thought for our colleagues across the road from FT towers, who work in the strange and wonderful world of Nest.

Editorial: Adding pages to the rulebook

The pocket guide...

"Clearer, perhaps tougher... governance is not automatically more effective," wrote Richard Butcher in last week's Informed Comment. Bad decisions can still be made within a decent structure. 

Civil Service scheme looks to widen comms after payment delays

The Civil Service Pension Scheme plans to turn to Instagram and mobile technology to communicate with members as it recovers from the fallout of its administration transfer in September.

Editorial: Everything can be improved

Suggestions please...

This week we lead with two stories on communication, and how to learn when things don’t go so well.

Does Saudi Arabia's succession planning put your scheme to shame?

Any other business: Industry experts have warned that schemes are not putting enough thought into what would happen should they need to replace their trustee chair or pension director, leaving themselves open to administrative risk.

Editorial: Making yourself heard

Cartoon 26.01 teaser

Once again, the country’s leading pension funds have stood up for responsible investment, and pressure is building on asset managers to be more forthcoming in their reporting on the matter.