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Will open finance transform financial services?

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Henry Tapper, chief executive of new pensions consolidator AgeWage, analyses how open finance will transform the way consumers view and interact with their pensions.

IGC reports need to tell it like it is on value for money

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Regulators are making welcome changes to the expectations of independent governance committees and the chair statements they publish, writes AgeWage's Henry Tapper, but a more fundamental shift towards straight-talking is required to get members interested in reading them.

How would extending the remit of IGCs to cover SRI boost outcomes?

Henry Tapper

First Actuarial's Henry Tapper argues that a responsible approach to investment, turning saving into delayed spending, might help savers engage with their pension.

AE collaborations are a cop-out

In the latest Informed Comment Pension Playpen's Henry Tapper scrutinises auto-enrolment provider-consultant collaborations.