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Disinvesting on ESG grounds ‘often’ discussed at trustee meetings

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Trustees regularly discuss divesting on ESG grounds at meetings as part of wider debates on environmental, social and governance factors. However, complexity means discussion does not always lead to action.

How pension schemes can help the UK meet its sustainability goals


Tackling climate change is high on the agenda for pension scheme trustees, and with COP26 only recent history, taking action has never felt more pressing. However, trustees must be careful to balance this with generating investment returns.

Is legislation helping trustees on their journey to net zero?

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When it comes to making their schemes greener, trustees have a lot to get their heads around. But current climate-related legislation is helping to focus minds and offer a framework for meeting net zero targets.

What UK pension schemes can learn from abroad about reaching net zero

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The UK is said to be leading on climate change; however, there are examples of best practice seen internationally that schemes could follow in the push for net zero.

The challenges facing trustees seeking net zero


More pension schemes are committing to net zero agendas than ever before, but reporting and analysing climate-related disclosure data is no easy task for trustees.

Investors facing up to the social costs of fast fashion


Fast fashion is big business but often negatively associated with workers’ rights issues. Can interested investors successfully ensure they are not contributing to poor working conditions?

Council to compensate member after persistently giving incorrect info


South Tyneside Council has been ordered to pay £2,000 in total by the Pensions Ombudsman to a former employee after it incorrectly told him he could defer claiming his pension benefits until age 75.

Straightforward messages more likely to engage savers than ESG

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On the go: Straightforward pension communications, rather than those discussing environmental, social and governance topics, are better at engaging savers who have never logged into their pension account, new research has found.

Govt to remove performance fees from DC charge cap


The Department for Work and Pensions has launched a consultation that will seek out policy proposals to exclude investment performance fees from the defined contribution charge cap.