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ESG and financial returns: Schemes can have their cake and eat it too


Data crunch: Schemes are increasing their investments in sustainable thematic strategies, which allows trustees to keep their fiduciary duty of targeting returns while ‘doing good’.

DC charges: Are fiduciaries too fixated on cost?


Data crunch: Scheme sponsors are thinking of ‘value’ as more than a low-cost option for savers and are taking a more balanced approach when selecting providers, explains Broadridge’s Hal La Thangue.

Financial wellness: DC sponsors want more from their providers

Hal La Thangue

Data crunch: Sponsors and fiduciaries of UK defined contribution schemes want their providers to offer more than a core pension product.

Ageing LGPS hungry for income

Data crunch

Data Crunch: Hal La Thangue explains how LGPS funds are dealing with the challenges posed by changing membership demographics.

Raging torrent of DB equity outflows decelerates in 2020

Hal La Thangue

Data crunch: Equity outflows from UK defined benefit schemes have gradually softened this year, which could be a sign that trustees are seeing greater value in equity investing longer term, writes Broadridge’s Hal La Thangue.

Improved governance is driving consolidation in DC

Hal La Thangue

Data crunch: The prominence of better governance as a driver for consolidation in defined contribution provides a lesson for those trying to encourage mergers elsewhere in pensions, writes Broadridge’s Hal La Thangue.

Buy-and-maintain credit poised to take centre stage

Hal La Thangue

Data crunch: As the UK’s private defined benefit schemes mature and turn increasingly cash flow negative, their focus is shifting beyond funding ratio stability to adopting income-generating investments that help meet pension payments.

Has the DGF had its day?

Broadridge’s Hal La Thangue asks whether the ability of low-correlation diversified growth funds to shine through crises can save them from a tarnished reputation.

Practising what you preach – ESG in DC

Hal La Thangue

Data crunch: Broadridge’s Hal La Thangue examines the growing prominence of ESG in defined contribution, and reveals a concurrent increase in the wider principle of ‘doing good’ in pensions.

Drawdown is climbing the DC agenda — but there’s no easy fix

Data crunch: Broadridge’s Hal La Thangue on that as-yet unsolved problem of decumulation products suitable for the coming generations of retirees