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The great pensions dashboard reset

Girish Menezes

Isio head of administration Girish Menezes runs the rule over the pensions dashboards project and says the industry should be using the latest delay to actively improve the project.

Protecting pensions against pandemic-enhanced cyber criminals

Girish Menezes

Premier Pensions head of administration Girish Menezes details how the pandemic has made pension fund data vulnerable to cyber attacks, and explains what schemes and administrators can do to better protect their members’ information.

Are we pension Luddites?

Girish Menezes

The Pensions Administration Standards Association’s board director, Girish Menezes, suggests a seven-step strategy to bring the pensions industry into the 21st century, as members will expect a transition to online par with other financial industries.

The new normal: should pension firms return to the office?

Girish Menezes

The pensions industry has proved to itself that homeworking can work. The challenge now is making it sustainable, and rethinking the office as an attractive opt-in addition to most workers’ lives, writes Premier Pensions’ Girish Menezes.

Pensions technology hampered by underinvestment in data

Girish Menezes

We shop and bank online, receive our Amazon deliveries by drone and sign up to challenger banks like Monzo via apps. Comparatively, pensions administration remains steadfastly behind the curve, writes the Pensions Administration Standards Association's Girish Menezes.

Garbage in, garbage out

Girish Menezes

Girish Menezes, a board director at the Pensions Administration Standards Association, highlights the need for collaboration between trustees and administrators to ensure a high-quality member experience, while managing costs and delivery expectations. 

To transition or not to transition, that is the question

Girish Menezes

Premier Pensions' Girish Menezes explains what trustees should take into account when it comes to transitioning to a new administration provider.

Self-driving pensions are worth our consideration

Girish Menezes

Artificial intelligence and other technologies are developing at breakneck speed, and many have pensions applications. It is time to explore the best practice in relation to these emerging technologies, says the Pensions Administration Standards Association's Girish Menezes.

Fire, fury and GDPR

Girish Menezes

From the blog: Hell hath no fury like a lawyer or auditor scorned. The General Data Protection Regulation has unfortunately put the pensions industry in that dangerous position where we have to run a gauntlet, deciding how seriously to take the dire warnings of these two professional communities.


May 25 2018 trundles ever closer and we now have a far better view of what to expect.


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Can DC survive these four key challenges?

Menezes-Mann (teaser)

The Pension Administration Service Association's Michael Mann and Girish Menezes outline the wave of changes hitting DC and what schemes need to do to stay ahead of the game.