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South Yorkshire Pension Authority invests £80m in local region

South Yorkshire Pension Authority has announced plans to ramp up its local investing efforts, committing £80m to lending aimed at supporting property development in Sheffield and extending an existing allocation to another Yorkshire-based property fund.

GMB members accept revised pension offer from Historic Royal Palaces

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Staff working for Historic Royal Palaces have accepted a revised offer on pension provision, ending months of dispute between the independent charity and the GMB trade union over the closure of their defined benefit scheme.

Professional trustee standards created to encourage better practices

The introduction of formal standards for professional trustees has been welcomed as a vital step in improving scheme governance, but concerns remain over whether the framework is robust enough.

RBS scheme slashes equities after £2bn contribution

Source: Bloomberg

The Royal Bank of Scotland's UK defined benefit schemes have dramatically cut their exposure to equities, derisking their portfolios into corporate and government bonds to improve the plans' risk level.

Norfolk Pension Fund wins legal case against US biotechnology company

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The Norfolk Pension Fund has won a court case against an American pharmaceutical company and the company’s CEO and board chairman, with a jury finding them liable for securities fraud.

Caffyns appoints fiduciary manager and overhauls portfolio

Trustees of the £86m Caffyns Pension Scheme have appointed a fiduciary manager to improve the performance of the fund’s assets, leading to a restructuring of its investment portfolio.  

Communicating pensions to the next generation

There is a pensions crisis looming. How can the industry make people care about a problem that is 20 years away?

JP Morgan takes minority equity stake in Smart Pension

On the go: JP Morgan, the American multinational investment bank and financial services company, has taken a minority equity stake in UK mastertrust Smart Pension.

Pension provider calls for legal duty to be placed on dashboard operators

An auto-enrolment pension provider is calling on the government for a legal duty to be placed on pensions dashboard operators to put consumer interests first, as a new report warns they could be put at risk without it.

Merseyside goes green with £400m multi-factor equity allocation

Merseyside Pension Fund has committed £400m to a new climate-friendly multi-factor fund, developed in collaboration with FTSE Russell, as part of its strategy on managing environmental, governance and social risks.