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Shifting trustee mindsets: ESG integration just means risk management

Chris Wagstaff

Columbia Threadneedle’s Chris Wagstaff outlines how trustees can comply with upcoming regulatory requirements, despite the lack of universal definitions for ESG risk.

Overcoming behavioural biases in retirement saving

Chris Wagstaff

Applying behavioural interventions in a simple and personalised manner could generate more optimal savings decisions, says Columbia Threadneedle’s Chris Wagstaff.

Why we need a default option at retirement

Chris Wagstaff

Columbia Threadneedle’s Chris Wagstaff makes the case for a default drawdown option comprising elements of income security, and examines several proposals that could ease the difficult choices faced by savers at retirement.

The new state pension – why savers are not necessarily better off

Chris Wagstaff

The new single tier state pension is a complex beast and shifts the retirement focus squarely to alternative means of saving, says Chris Wagstaff.

Pension Wise: perception and reality

From the blog: Defined contribution investors face risks and challenges both at and in retirement, against the backdrop of the widening UK advice gap and the lack of any reference framework by which to gauge what is feasible and realistic. 

I therefore jumped at the chance when Michelle Cracknell, chief executive of the Pensions Advisory Service, invited me to see the call and web chat arm of its core service Pension Wise in action at their offices in Victoria.

During my visit, three things struck me. 

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