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Why we are taking action to ensure a safe DB consolidator market

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The Pensions Regulator’s Charles Counsell explains the principles behind the watchdog's new framework for regulating the defined benefit consolidator market.

Naming those who won’t comply with the law

Charles Counsell

The Pensions Regulator’s Charles Counsell says employers who flout the laws on auto-enrolment do so at their own peril.

Dealing with the next stage of auto-enrolment

Charles Counsell

The Pensions Regulator's Charles Counsell gives an update on the progress of auto-enrolment as it moves on to small and micro employers, and on how the regulator plans to work with employers.

Regulator: 11 steps for smaller employers readying for AE

The Pensions Regulator's Charles Counsell explains its new guide to help small employers get ready for auto-enrolment.

Regulator: the AE capacity crunch has not materialised

Talking head: The Pensions Regulator's Charles Counsell argues that the anticipated capacity crunch for auto-enrolment did not materialise, but non-compliance is expected to rise.

Regulator: our call to AE action

Talking head: The Pensions Regulator's Charles Counsell urges smaller employers not to leave their auto-enrolment obligations to the last minute, saying now is "no time for complacency".