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Master trusts disappoint on ESG stewardship

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Analysis: Pension fund scores on ESG stewardship remain low, with master trusts delegating responsibility on climate activity to their asset managers, new research shows.

Trustees vindicated in RPI/CPI switch complaint

The Pensions Ombudsman sided with pension scheme trustees in two separate cases over the decision to switch their inflation measure away from the retail price index.

More action needed to help self-employed women

Analysis: Reform should be pushed up the agenda to support self-employed women and reduce the biggest challenges of the gender gap, experts say.

MPs up pressure on govt over non-commercial dashboard

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The government’s failure to commit to a rollout timetable for a new pensions dashboard with state pension data was criticised on Saturday by the Work and Pensions Select Committee.

Regulator’s AE report: Work still to do despite policy success

A transformation in levels of workplace pension scheme participation following automatic enrolment has been applauded by experts, but engagement and average contributions remain low.

DWP proposes levy rise for pension schemes

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On the go: The Department for Work and Pensions sought feedback from the pensions industry on Friday ahead of its proposed increase to the general levy paid by pension schemes. 

ESG divestment set to take place on global scale

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Climate change activism and trustee awareness of ESG has led schemes to divest from fossil fuels, figures released today show.

Can schemes save members from retirement age lottery?

Analysis: Workers risk missing out on optimum retirement savings by not supplying their workplace pension provider with an intended retirement age, experts warn. But in the age of inertia, what can be done?

One in five asset management mandates highly unsatisfactory

A worrying number of trustees are unhappy with the service provided to them by their asset managers, new figures have revealed.