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Second lockdown presents added uncertainty for pension schemes

After August’s worse-than-expected GDP figures and the announcement of yet more anti-Covid measures appeared finally to put to rest hopes of a V-shaped recovery, experts ponder the impact of a second lockdown on pension schemes.

SNP MPs table amendments to tackle Section 75 conundrum

On the go: Four Scottish National party MPs have tabled an amendment to the pension schemes bill in a bid to solve the problem of Section 75 debt falling due on small, unincorporated employers.

Nest outlines small steps to close ‘gender pensions gap’

On the go: Opting in to a pension scheme at 18, understanding if the employer matches the worker’s contributions, and adding as little as an extra £2.50 a week to the pension pot are all ways of closing the gender pensions gap, according to a report from Nest.

Greenwashing poses obstacle for would-be sustainable investors

On the go: Sixty per cent of investors say greenwashing is an obstacle to their sustainable investment intentions, while active engagement is one of the key ways asset managers drive sustainable change, according to a report by Schroders.

Calls for retirement estimates to be dropped from first dashboards

Pension schemes and administrators have requested that the first version of the pensions dashboards run without the inclusion of estimated retirement income data, due to the lack of data and standards for these calculations.

Covid leaves Northern Ireland Water deficit recovery in rough sea

Northern Ireland Water could have to pay an additional £4.6m a year in deficit repair contributions to its scheme, but uncertainty about how Covid-19 has impacted its investment and ongoing negotiations with trustees makes it hard to gauge its recovery plan.

Two-thirds of DB sponsors issue 2020 profit warnings

On the go: Almost two-thirds (61 per cent) of listed companies sponsoring defined benefit schemes have issued profit warnings in 2020, according to analysis by EY.

The three-step plan to fix the NHS pension scheme

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Podcast: Peter Glancy, head of policy development at Scottish Widows, and Helen Morrissey, corporate PR specialist at Royal London, discuss a solution for the administration issues at the NHS Pension Scheme and the idea of using pensions as deposits for first-time buyers.

APPT launches new code of practice for sole trustees

On the go: The Association of Professional Pension Trustees has set out a code of practice for trustees carrying out sole trustee appointments.

Philip Green 'disliked the Pensions Regulator immensely'

On the go: Fallen businessman Dominic Chappell told Southwark Crown Court of Philip Green’s intense dislike of the Pensions Regulator, and promises made to plug the deficit of BHS pension schemes.