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Local government pension schemes invest in bank guilty of tax evasion

A number of local government pension schemes have come under fire over their investments in a troubled Israeli bank, according to research seen by Pensions Expert.

Analytics firm completes global bulk annuity deal with L&G

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On the go: Analytics company IHS Markit has entered into two bulk annuity deals with Legal & General, the insurer’s first global transaction.

Regulator to be empowered by expansion of ‘snoopers’ charter’

The Pensions Regulator is to be given new powers including the right to harvest communications data, in order to prevent “serious crime”, according to draft legislation published last month.

Falling support for TPR’s new funding regime

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On the go: Support for the Pensions Regulator’s vaunted new defined benefit funding regime may be falling, according to a report by Aon.

Union considers AA scheme closure ‘significant attack’ on members

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The recent closure of the Automobile Association defined benefit scheme – following a consultation with scheme members and trustees – has been branded a “significant attack on members’ benefits” by trade union GMB.

Nest member waits two years to recover £80 in missed contributions

The Pensions Ombudsman has finally brought to a close a woman’s two year hunt for £80 in missed contributions from her employer.

LGPS cash flow problems mount as Covid-19 crisis continues

A number of local government pension schemes face cash flow problems as a result of the coronavirus crisis, according to a recent survey.

Coronavirus hits unhealthy DB schemes hard

Data crunch: A new report from consultancy Barnett Waddingham has found that the coronavirus crisis has exacerbated the funding divide between UK defined benefit schemes, with severe implications for those at the bottom of the pile.

Regulator concerned by master trust investments weaknesses

Investment strategies pursued by some of the UK’s authorised master trusts are exposing pension scheme savers to unnecessary risks, according to the Pensions Regulator.

Investors tell Barclays to go further on climate commitments

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On the go: Two Local Government Pension Scheme investors are to back a shareholder resolution aimed at forcing Barclays into line with the Paris Climate Agreement targets.