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GMP tax guidance expected to land in February

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On the go: Guidance from the Pensions Administration Standards Association on the tax implications of guaranteed minimum pensions equalisation is expected to be published next month, according to an update from the body’s dedicated working group.

Trustees demand greater access to technology to support their role

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On the go: The coronavirus pandemic has seen off the quarterly meeting cycle, with 80 per cent of trustees agreeing that ad hoc and online meetings are the way forward, according to new research.

PPF halves small scheme levy but warns of future rate hikes

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On the go: The Pension Protection Fund has confirmed it will halve the levy for schemes with less than £20m in liabilities in order to “better reflect the risk posed by small schemes”, according to the final version of its 2021-22 levy rules.

DWP proceeds with ‘revolutionary’ climate change agenda


The Department for Work and Pensions has proposed broadening the scope of climate risk analysis to cover not just the environmental impact of pension schemes’ portfolios, but also sponsor covenants and actuarial valuations.

Debenhams’ schemes to remain in PPF despite Boohoo acquisition

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On the go: Struggling high street retailer Debenhams has been brought out of administration by online ‘fast fashion’ outlet Boohoo, but the transaction is understood to leave its two pension schemes in the Pension Protection Fund.

Thousands warn of ‘unjustified’ USS discount rate rises

More than 3,000 people have written to the trustees of the Universities Superannuation Scheme to criticise proposed changes to the valuation methodology that, they say, will result in its members and employers being overcharged by the scheme.

Weekly Roundup: We hold these truths to be self-evident

Biden inauguration (teaser)

Welcome to Pensions Expert’s roundup of a week that saw a belatedly peaceful, orderly transition of power from an irascible old man to a deeply forgetful older one, heralding a truly remarkable achievement for diversity and representation.

New powers in Pension Schemes Act could cause bankruptcies

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Podcast: New criminal provisions in the Pension Schemes Act are so broadly drafted that they could strangle legitimate business activity, potentially resulting in unnecessary bankruptcies. So says Arc Pensions Law partner Jane Kola, who, along with Society of Pension Professionals president James Riley, warn about the potentially dire consequences and call for more clarity from the regulator.

How schemes can navigate the post-Covid recovery

Defined benefit schemes should use the post-Covid recovery to conduct a thorough postmortem of the effects of 2020’s events on their portfolios and strategies, according to Barnett Waddingham.

‘Challenging’ 2020 forces 80% of DB schemes to reassess portfolios

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On the go: Eighty per cent of defined benefit pension schemes plan to reassess their investment portfolios after the events of 2020 put returns in doubt, according to research by the Pensions Management Institute and River and Mercantile.