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Investor coalition seeks better workforce reporting

UK pension schemes are among a $7.9tn (£6.1tn) coalition of investors calling for increased disclosure from companies about their workforce, which campaigners say can help investors to safeguard long-term returns.

Over-confident savers back property before pensions

Almost half of UK savers continue to believe that property is the best way of providing for retirement, according to a survey by the Office for National Statistics, which highlights the challenge facing government.

Watchdog referral looms for investment consulting industry

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Industry-led proposals to minimise conflicts of interest in investment consulting have been rejected by the Financial Conduct Authority, bringing firms a step closer to investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority.

No all-in fee for asset management firms

Source: Bloomberg

Asset management firms must disclose estimated and actual fees and transaction costs to clients, but should not be forced to charge a single fee for services, the Financial Conduct Authority has recommended.

Wealthy male pensioners buck national longevity trends

Rapidly rising life expectancy among older men will maintain high deficits for UK defined benefit schemes, according to a new report, despite flatlining mortality rates for other demographics.

Strathclyde hails transfer warning effort

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A communications exercise warning members of the Strathclyde Pension Fund about the risks of cashing in their benefits has seen the scheme’s membership continue to grow despite declining payroll numbers.

Pensions Institute: Relax DB promises to tackle PPF drift

Stressed schemes and employers should be allowed to reduce pension increases and gain easier access to PPF-plus benefit-restructuring methods in order to minimise “PPF drift”, a new academic paper has said.

Scheme support levels at lowest since financial crisis

Affordability of FTSE 350 defined benefit pension promises has retreated to levels not seen since the global financial crisis, a new report has found, putting pressure on trustees of mature schemes.

Income security needed to bolster drawdown products

Drawdown solutions must be improved to offer pensioners greater certainty that their retirement income will last, a panel of specialists told Pensions Expert last week.

FCA cracks down on transfer advice

Pension consultants have welcomed the Financial Conduct Authority’s adoption of a tough stance on companies advising on defined benefit transfers, calling it a “price worth paying” for member security in retirement.