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Mineworkers receive tax demands after admin error

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Members of the £11.4bn Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme have received notices from HM Revenue & Customs incorrectly telling them that they owe thousands of pounds in tax.

Rising interest rates threaten sponsor covenants, say experts

PLSA Investment Conference 2018: Interest rate and inflation risk could pose imminent threats to schemes and sponsors, while quantitative easing might not have been bad news for schemes, experts have said.

IDWG chair calls for reform by April

PLSA Investment Conference 2018: Chris Sier, chair of the Financial Conduct Authority’s Institutional Disclosure Working Group, has called for the introduction of reforms promoting asset management transparency by the beginning of April.

Lower rises in life expectancy are no longer a blip

The recent slowdown in life expectancy rises has settled into a general trend, according to new data.

Alternative risk premium strategies could see rise despite set-up costs

Alternative risk premium strategies present a relatively low-cost way of attaining diversification according to new research, but some say high implementation costs are likely to prevent them from taking over scheme portfolios.

Regulation could increase after Brexit, experts say

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Brexit could lead to more rather than less pensions regulation, while radical revisions to tax relief might be needed to keep low earners enrolled in the pensions system, according to a panel of policy experts.

BMA rebukes NHSE and Capita over admin 'fiasco'

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The British Medical Association – the trade union and professional association for doctors and medical students – has been lobbying for improvements to the administration of the NHS Pension Scheme after member complaints and a motion by GPs last year to address issues with third-party administrator Capita.

Select committee hearing shows deep divide over CDC

Collective defined contribution could dramatically uplift the final values enjoyed by UK pension savers, a parliamentary select committee has heard, but some experts still doubt its compatibility with pension freedoms and performance in market crashes.

PwC schemes cut property from portfolio


PwC's two defined benefit pension schemes have removed property from their investment strategies and made a number of changes to their fixed income allocations.