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Strathclyde ups commitment to emerging market debt

The Strathclyde Pension Fund has nearly doubled its investment in emerging markets debt as part of a drive to diversify its portfolio and participate in 'the growth story' of emerging economies.

Are diversified growth funds the place to be?

Analysis: Experts remain divided over the value offered by diversified growth funds. While DGFs offer a source of return that comes with reduced risk and daily pricing, they have come in for criticism in recent years over a perceived lack of performance and value.

Are trustees engaging with fiduciary managers properly?

Most trustees are perfectly capable of operating beyond the conflicts of interest inherent in fiduciary management, but some small schemes lack resources and support, according to experts.

Which schemes are destined for the PPF?

The majority of smaller stressed defined benefit schemes are likely to end up in the Pension Protection Fund, according to consultancy Barnett Waddingham, as it raised concerns that the Pensions Regulator's new tougher stance may remove vital flexibility from the system.

Cumbria implements equity protection strategy

The Cumbria County Council Pension Fund has joined the ranks of local authorities hedging their equity downside with an equity protection strategy. Nearly £1.1bn of the fund’s equities will be covered by the arrangement.

High Court rules against statutory limit for overpayment recovery

The High Court has ruled that defined benefit schemes are not subject to a time limit on their ability to recoup pension overpayments. Such a recovery must be carried out equitably by altering future payments, however.

Hertfordshire bungles scheme actuarial reports

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More than one hundred academies and colleges participating in the Hertfordshire County Council Pension Fund have been sent erroneous actuarial reports. These were subsequently used in the preparation of their own financial accounts.

Should pension schemes become more litigious?

In 2009, the Royal Bank of Scotland admitted that it had incurred billions of dollars in losses in relation to its subprime exposures and acquisition of Dutch bank ABN Amro.

Hounslow drops Capita and heads for West Yorks

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The £991m London Borough of Hounslow Pension Fund will enter into an administrative partnership with the West Yorkshire Pension Fund following the imminent conclusion of its contract with third-party administrator Capita.

Warwickshire cuts hedge funds from portfolio

The £2.1bn Warwickshire County Council Pension Fund has sold off its hedge fund allocation in anticipation of its move into the Border to Coast Pensions Partnership.