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Isle of Wight fund tackles 'problematic' data records

The Isle of Wight Pension Fund has implemented an improvement plan in relation to approximately 1,500 records containing “significantly problematic” conditional data, as it grapples with longstanding issues over member information.

How should schemes appoint their MNTs?

Trustees are required under the Pensions Act 2004 to make sure that at least one-third of trustees, or at least one-third of directors of the trustee company, are nominated by the scheme membership. But what is the best way to appoint member-nominated trustees?

Trustee fears on the rise over Brexit investment implications

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Brexit has grown among defined benefit scheme trustees as a perceived investment risk, according to professional trustee company PTL's latest DB survey, as schemes are advised against making wholesale investment changes over the next few months.

Regulator threatens greater discipline over poor admin

The number of public service pension schemes disclosing inadequate processes for monitoring data accuracy and completeness has risen, as the Pensions Regulator pledges to clamp down on those falling below the standards it expects.  

West Midlands to divest from arms manufacturer

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The West Midlands Pension Fund has agreed to divest from South Korean arms manufacturer Hanwha Corporation after years of sustained pressure on the company from institutional investors across the globe in relation to cluster munitions.

Is it time to trim your hedge funds?

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Analysis: Since 2000, there has been an extraordinary rise in hedge fund investment. While only 2.1 per cent of large institutional investors had money in hedge funds in 2000, cost analysis service CEM Benchmarking says that this figure surpassed 50 per cent in 2016.

Rate of investment consultant tenders has plummeted, survey finds

Less than 3 per cent of pension schemes retendered for investment consulting services last year, compared to 18.6 per cent of schemes in 2008, according to research from selection specialists IC Select. 

GDPR - A brave new world for the pensions industry

It is easy to imagine bunkers in remote corners of England, hatches locked, filled with trustees who are desperate not to hear any more about the General Data Protection Regulation.

Haringey to swap passive equities for multi-factor strategy

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The London Borough of Haringey Pension Fund has agreed to convert nearly half of its equity allocation from a passive fund into a multi-factor global strategy. It has also recently trimmed an overweight position in equities into its multi-asset absolute return and credit strategies.

Kent stands by Neil Woodford despite massive underperformance

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Despite concerns over the performance of its UK equities mandate with Woodford Investment Management, the Kent County Council Superannuation Fund has elected to retain its mandate with the embattled asset manager.