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Pension SuperFund asset mix will borrow from PPF

The chief executive officer of The Pension SuperFund has said the fledgling defined benefit scheme consolidator's asset allocation is likely to resemble that of the Pension Protection Fund.

Rentokil blames internal administration for £25k fine

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Business services group Rentokil Initial has blamed its internal pensions administration for failures involving the Initial Hospital Service Limited No.1 Pension Scheme, which led to a £25,000 fine from the Pensions Regulator.

How can pension schemes support banks?

Analysis: Around 30 banks have entered into bank capital relief transactions with institutional investors, according to consultancy Aon, with the size of the market estimated at about £20bn and continuing to grow rapidly.

Barnet pension scheme votes to join the LAPFF

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The London Borough of Barnet Pension Fund has voted to join the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum, with the pension fund committee rejecting mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s manifesto push to bring London local authority pension schemes out of fossil fuel investment.

Should the FCA set a drawdown charge cap?

The Financial Conduct Authority’s final report for its Retirement Outcomes Review focused on the challenges facing drawdown consumers.

BA wins appeal over discretionary increase

The trustees of the Airways Pension Scheme went beyond their remit in granting a 0.2 per cent discretionary increase to members’ pensions in 2013, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

Dormant pots could cost £1bn in admin charges, research finds

Auto-enrolment is set to create 50m dormant pension pots by 2050, which may cost savers up to £1bn in administration charges, according to Hargreaves Lansdown research.

FCA recommends investment pathways for drawdown

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The Financial Conduct Authority has proposed that pension providers are required to develop three ready-made investment pathways to help confused drawdown customers, but has shied away from imposing a charge cap on the products.

DWP proposes power for regulator to impose civil fines of up to £1m

The Department for Work and Pensions has proposed granting the Pensions Regulator the ability to fine employers and associated parties up to £1m where they are found guilty of serious breaches and reckless behaviour.

Self-employed should not be auto-enrolled, says trade body

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed has said that auto-enrolment should not be extended to the self-employed as a way of providing them with retirement income.