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Lambeth invests in multi-asset credit

The London Borough of Lambeth Pension Fund has invested around £75m into multi-asset credit from its corporate bonds allocation. It is also weighing up investment in private debt alongside other Local Government Pension Schemes.

How open banking can help pensions

The pensions industry is on the cusp of its own 'open banking'-style revolution in the way that consumers interact with their finances and manage their pensions, according to experts.

FTSE 100 DB risk drops nearly a quarter

The aggregate risk across FTSE 100 defined benefit schemes has fallen to its lowest level in four years, according to research that seeks to integrate covenant and investment risk. 

Civil partner LGPS survivor benefits set to match widows

Survivors of same-sex civil partnerships and same-sex marriage will receive the same survivor benefits as those provided to widows under new proposals for the Local Government Pension Scheme.

FCA to carry out further research on contingent charging


The Financial Conduct Authority has said it needs to carry out more analysis on whether to ban contingent charging, recognising that charging for advice only when a member decides to transfer does not in itself drive poor outcomes for consumers.

LGPS pools see opportunity in housebuilding push

Chairs of Local Government Pension Scheme asset pools have stated their willingness to provide capital for housebuilding in the UK, but insisted any real estate investments will be viewed through a financial, rather than a political, lens.

ESG confusion hindering smaller schemes

Smaller pension schemes lack the governance, investment choice and concrete understanding required to properly engage with environmental, social and governance factors, according to the Pensions Policy Institute.

When member engagement should take a knee

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From the blog: Pension schemes are under increasing pressure to invest responsibly. On this side of the pond, this discourse largely revolves around environmental and social investment.

But in the US, ethical investing has taken a very different shape at one fund. Last month, a retired police officer called upon the council responsible for New Jersey's public pension fund to review its holdings in sportswear giant Nike.

Marty Barrett, who sits on the board of trustees for the Police and Firemen’s Retirement System of New Jersey, reportedly objected to a Nike advertisement featuring American football star and civil right campaigner Colin Kaepernick.

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How should scheme liabilities be measured?

Analysis: The industry is unlikely to ever reach a consensus over the methods of scheme liability valuation, judging by the lively debate surrounding the subject.

Transaction costs make up quarter of management fees

Some of the largest pension funds in the world are paying an average of 86.3 basis points in total annual investment costs, with 24 per cent of these fees made up of transaction costs, according to new research.