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Passive boom could slow fossil fuel withdrawal, think tank warns

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On the go: The “outsize role” passive funds find themselves in when it comes to environmental, social and governance investing may be hampering efforts to sustainably invest, according to the Common Wealth think tank.

Weekly Roundup: Haven’t you heard? There’s a war on


This week – Mothercare shies away from its pension promises, regulators warn P&O staff over DB transfers, UCU secures mandate for more strikes in USS pensions row, and McCloud remedy causes schemes to breach their cost cap floor.

PRA warns banks against ‘gaming’ pension transactions

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On the go: The Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority has ordered banks against “gaming” deals linked to their defined benefit schemes to offset regulatory requirements.

LGPS employers at legal risk over sharia non-compliance


Employers participating in Local Government Pension Scheme funds could face legal action from members over their schemes’ non-compliance with sharia principles and a failure to offer staff a compliant alternative, according to one legal expert.

PLSA calls for 12-month dashboards grace period from regulators

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On the go: The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association has appealed for “a degree of latitude” from regulators in the months after the pensions dashboards are introduced.

LGPS funds race to complete McCloud data remedy


Some employers are struggling to provide their Local Government Pension Scheme funds with the necessary information to complete the McCloud data remedy exercises.

Labour party consulting on DB scheme closure

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On the go: The Labour party is consulting its staff over closing its defined benefit scheme to new members and future accrual for current active members.

VW rejects shareholder proposal, savers in the dark over investments

ESG spotlight

ESG spotlight: A roundup of the latest news on environmental, social and governance initiatives, including Volkswagen’s rebuff of a shareholder letter concerning its so-called “lobbying activities”, and new research revealing widespread ignorance over how pensions are invested.

Russia business suspension disrupts Mothercare deficit repayments


Retailer Mothercare will not fully pay the first instalment of its deficit repair contributions schedule this month and will enter into negotiations with its schemes’ trustees over its timetable for future payments.

Dashboards timeline and guidance barriers concern industry bodies


Two of the pensions industry’s largest organisations have caveated their broad support for the pensions dashboards project with concerns about timing, consistency and red tape surrounding financial advice.