Experts fear new rules give TPR a ‘sledgehammer to crack a nut’


CPD: Stephanie Hawthorne looks at what the Pensions Regulator’s new powers mean for schemes and trustees.

Thousands of small DC schemes may miss vital October deadline


CPD: As the deadline for new regulations governing occupational defined contribution schemes draws near, Stephanie Hawthorne looks at how smaller plans are shaping up.

Ten becomes one: First phase of TPR’s single code


CPD: Sackers partner Georgina Jones explains the changes brought by the Pensions Regulator’s new code of practice, and what trustees should consider when adapting their practices to the new rules

Using GMP conversion to achieve equality


PASA’s Alasdair Mayes details how the new guaranteed minimum pension conversion guidance can be used by pension schemes, and how trustees and administrators can decide if this is the best course of action to equalise contracted-out benefits.

GMP equalisation and historic transfers: Putting Lloyds into practice


Pasa's Duncan Buchanan explains how trustees can tackle guaranteed minimum pension equalisation past transfers, and what the last judgment on the Lloyds case means for pension schemes.

CDC moves towards the starting blocks


As Royal Mail is set to start the first UK CDC pension scheme next year, Stephanie Hawthorne asks will the arrival of these innovative plans bring pensions nirvana?

Understanding pension transfer rules in the context of scams


In the second of a new CPD series, Gareth Stears, pensions technical consultant at Aries Insight, explains the what and why of the changes to the pension transfer law, and future developments to tackle the scourge of pension scamming.

New act marks shift in pensions landscape


In the first of a new CPD series, Pensions Expert explains the thinking behind the Pension Schemes Act and what it means for sponsors, trustees and their members.