Pension comms: A journey from disclosure to engagement

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CPD: Sackers senior counsel Naomi Brown looks back at how the world of pension communications has morphed from a straightforward box-ticking disclosure exercise to one where trustees are communicating with members in a completely different way.

The pensions industry finds itself at a crossroads


CPD: Teneo client development director Simon Kew casts his eye over the challenges facing the pensions industry.

High gilt yields: a great escape from charities’ DB deficit nightmare?

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CPD: High gilt yields and increased interest rates could prove a rare exit route for hard-pressed charities shouldering onerous defined benefit pension scheme deficits, Stephanie Hawthorne reports.

Six out of 10 DB schemes mull discretionary increases


CPD: Trustees are grappling with inflation complexities for the first time in 20 years, with discretionary increases back on the agenda. Stephanie Hawthorne asks what factors should sway trustee boards as they assess these knotty issues?

Liquidity not solvency: Setting the record straight on LDI

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CPD: Aon Investments partner Calum Mackenzie explains how an unexpected rise in gilt yields led pension schemes to a liquidity crisis and how liability-driven investments are expected to change in the future.

Pensions data: From compliance to currency


CPD: Capita Pension Solutions’ Paul Capel outlines data remediation strategies for trustees and scheme managers in light of increasing scrutiny from regulators and the incoming dashboards.

Schemes face a tsunami of new regulations in October

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CPD: The extreme temperatures of the scorching summer of 2022 are a timely reminder why climate change regulation is rising up the agenda for trustees, which will be subject to a plethora of new duties from October, explains Stephanie Hawthorne.

Gender pensions gap: Where are we now?


CPD: Hymans Robertson partner Kathryn Fleming details the reasons for the existing gender pensions gap and what solutions could be brought forward to solve the issue.

New DB funding rules considered overly prescriptive


CPD: Stephanie Hawthorne gets to grips with the detail on the Department for Work and Pensions’ latest consultation on defined benefit funding rules consultation, and what it means for trustees, sponsors and their members.

Pensions admin: Why trustees and schemes must brace for change


CPD: Cosan Consulting director Philip Dickinson details the current position of pensions administration and how it needs to evolve to adapt to schemes’ and trustees’ needs.