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The impact of rising gilt yields on pensions


UK government gilt yields are around 2 percentage points higher than they were this time last year. What does this rise over such a short term mean for the UK pension sector in 2023 and beyond?

Buyout volumes set to beat all records in 2023


CPD: How do you stand out from the crowd in the scrum for the best buyout deals? Stephanie Hawthorne asks industry insiders how to make sure your scheme is enticing to insurers in the jostle for their attention.

TPR overhauls DB funding in biggest shake-up for a decade

Choochart Choochaikupt/iStock

CPD: Stephanie Hawthorne explains the regulator’s proposed new defined benefit funding regime and what changes schemes and sponsors can expect.

Building up the voluntary carbon markets


CPD: Markets where companies can buy carbon offsets are growing in scale and value, but debate continues around how to ensure their quality and contribution to tackling climate change.

What’s on the ESG radar for schemes in 2023?


As interest in ESG investing continues to grow, schemes are being encouraged to make the concept of socially responsible investment ‘more tangible’ to savers.

How will DB schemes navigate 2023?


Market turbulence, surging funding levels and new regulations look set to dominate defined benefit schemes again this year.

Will we see another ‘black swan’ year for pensions in 2023?


A tidal wave of new legislation and regulatory guidance is in store for scheme sponsors, trustees and pension professionals.

DC in 2023: Dashboards, cost of living and consolidation


2023 should finally be the year of the dashboards, while the cost of living crisis will continue to dominate the headlines.

Yearly Roundup: Not enough consultations


Welcome to an exhausted Pensions Expert’s roundup of 2022, in a year that saw our journalists flail in a torrent of legislation, consultation and social media defenestration.