Nest and Cushon explore forestry, Manchester commits to infra

ESG spotlight

ESG spotlight: A roundup of the latest news on environmental, social and governance initiatives, including Nest and Cushon looking to explore forestry investments, and the Greater Manchester Pension Fund committing to sustainable infrastructure.

Biggest asset managers accused of blocking ESG shareholder proposals

Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg

Non-profit ShareAction says the lack of support by BlackRock and other major companies has stymied investors’ environmental and social ambitions.

Building up the voluntary carbon markets


CPD: Markets where companies can buy carbon offsets are growing in scale and value, but debate continues around how to ensure their quality and contribution to tackling climate change.

What’s on the ESG radar for schemes in 2023?


As interest in ESG investing continues to grow, schemes are being encouraged to make the concept of socially responsible investment ‘more tangible’ to savers.

PPF urged to consider FCA authorisation


The Department for Work and Pensions has encouraged the Pension Protection Fund’s board and executive to consider seeking authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority, either for the PPF itself or for a subsidiary.

Schemes target sustainable alternative investments


Analysis: UK pension schemes are among the institutional investors across Europe that have maintained a strong focus on alternatives, particularly infrastructure, as investment activity picked up in November, according to MandateWire data.

Smart Pension makes first green bond investment with Mirova fund

News on the go

On the go: The £2bn Smart Pension Master Trust has announced its first green bond investment in the Mirova Global Green Bond Fund. 

COP15: Being ‘nature positive’ makes economic sense

Leonardo Benassatto/Reuters

On ‘finance day’ at COP15, the message to financial institutions was clear: they must measure what matters and stop investing in companies involved in the destruction of nature.