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New index fund aims to help schemes build Paris-aligned portfolios

News on the go

On the go: Willis Towers Watson has teamed up with index provider Qontigo to launch the Stoxx Willis Towers Watson Climate Transition Indices, which they say will enable investors to address climate risks in their portfolios with a forward-looking evaluation of Paris-aligned equity valuations.

Mandating net zero could ‘cut straight through’ fiduciary duties

Podcast: Stuart O’Brien, partner at Sackers, and Gareth Stears, pensions technical consultant at Aries Insight, discuss ESG and net zero, social housing, and the Pensions Regulator’s controversial criminal powers.

Are schemes ready to mitigate carbon through their investments?


COP26 guidelines dictate four main ways for the world to become net-zero by 2030 through the mitigation of carbon production. The challenge for pension funds is getting to grips with how these can be aligned with their investment process.

Governments should consider green investing incentives, says IMF


Policymakers should consider providing a financial incentive for sustainable funds as existing capital is “too limited in size and scope” to have a major impact on climate change, the International Monetary Fund has warned.

TfL, Avon Pension Fund and Phoenix Group commit to net zero

ESG spotlight

ESG spotlight: A roundup of the latest news on environmental, social and governance initiatives, with the Transport for London Pension Fund committing to net-zero carbon emissions by 2045, Avon Pension Fund shifting £780m into a Paris-aligned benchmark, and Phoenix Group setting a carbon emission-reduction target of 50 per cent by 2030.

The tip of the iceberg: Exploring the TCFD regulations


CPD: Sackers’ partner Stuart O’Brien details the new ESG requirements that came into force for larger schemes on October 1, and what trustees need to do to comply with the new rules

MPs urge government to make green pensions industry world-leading

Stephen Timms

MPs have urged the government to seize upon the opportunities COP26 presents to the pensions industry and have called for more consensus on tackling climate change.

How to incorporate ESG into manager research

Video: Ben Cooper, head of manager research at Cardano, explains how to make sure external managers meet sustainability requirements, how easy it is to get information from third parties, and what questions trustees should be asking during the manager appointment process.

Should regulators take the lead on ESG in pensions?


The extent to which financial regulators should get involved in setting environmental, social and governance requirements is a hot topic, with some experts arguing that involvement could stifle innovation.