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Reuters Pension Fund incorporates ESG factors to improve returns


The £2.8bn Reuters Pension Fund is integrating environmental, social and governance factors into its portfolio in order to improve risk-adjusted returns, while achieving a funding level above 100 per cent in 2020.

DB transfer values recover after February fall

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On the go: Defined benefit transfer values increased in March to recover around a third of the drop seen in February, according to figures from XPS Pensions Group.

Most savers expect companies in their pension to pay living wage

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On the go: A third of savers (33 per cent) would prefer their pension provider to divest from companies that do not pay the living wage, rather than engage with them to drive better behaviour, according to research from PensionBee.

Ombudsman sides with Pilots’ trustee on accrual rate changes

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The Pensions Ombudsman has sided with the trustee of the Pilots’ National Pension Fund in its move to change the scheme’s benefits accrual rate, noting that the decision was reached “following a reasonable decision-making process”.

UK DB scheme surplus rises £19.6bn in March

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On the go: The aggregate surplus of the 5,318 defined benefit schemes in the Pension Protection Fund 7800 Index has increased by £19.6bn in March.

Dashboards milestone reached as PDP looks for architecture supplier

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On the go: The Pensions Dashboards Programme has issued an invitation to tender for a supplier to provide digital architecture.

Aon criticises USS valuation assumptions as ‘overly prudent’

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Aon has criticised the methodology and assumptions underlying the Universities Superannuation Scheme trustee’s response to the USS valuation, accusing it of being overly prudent and failing to properly justify several of its assumptions.

Bridging pension option smooths Rolls-Royce scheme restructure


The introduction of a bridging pension option in the Rolls-Royce UK Pension Fund has helped smooth the transition for its members following a scheme restructure announced in May last year.

BT, Ford and M&S schemes seek judicial review on RPI changes

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On the go: The trustees of BT, Ford and Marks and Spencer pension schemes announced on Friday that they are seeking a judicial review of the decision to replace the retail price index with the consumer price index including housing costs from 2030.  

Calls for government to review minimum pension age hike

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On the go: Wealth manager Quilter has called on the government to reverse proposals to raise the normal minimum pension age to 57, saying the move is complex and will do little for people’s retirements.