Distressed debt after Covid-19

Galia Velimukhametova

Cracks in the corporate world have been papered over by central bank liquidity. But opportunities remain for distressed investors, and more could emerge once economic fundamentals exert themselves, writes Pictet Asset Management’s Galia Velimukhametova.

Is real estate a good inflation hedge for pension schemes?

Paul Stewart

With inflation hikes presenting an added risk to defined benefit schemes, some assets in the real estate market can provide a protection to the surge in prices, writes Paul Stewart, head of European research and strategy at Barings Real Estate.

All that glitters is not (always) gold

Billy Burnside

Billy Burnside, managing director of Criterion, which created the ‘Star’ initiative in joint venture with TeX, explains how the new accreditation system for transfers can encourage providers to improve service performance in the path to achieve a ‘gold medal’. 

The exodus from DB schemes continues to raise concerns

Mark van den Berghen (Teaser)

Buck’s principal and senior consulting actuary Mark van den Berghen details the latest changes in the pension transfer advice market and explains why trustees should consider appointing an independent financial adviser.

Look behind the mask to better understand colleagues’ struggles

Sarah Brennan

With World Mental Health Day 2021 being celebrated on Sunday, Sarah Brennan, professional trustee at Dalriada Trustees, shines a light on the importance of supporting people with mental health issues in the workplace.

How declarations of intent might change the world of pensions

Craig Piper

DLA Piper’s legal director Craig Looker explains how corporate transactions will be affected by the Pensions Regulator's new powers and what is expected from sponsors and schemes’ trustees.

The last great risk facing defined benefit pension schemes

Jos Vermeulen

Insight Investment head of solution design Jos Vermeulen argues that longevity swaps are an appealing solution for schemes, but further standardisation is required to make these transactions more popular and cost-effective.

Pension Awareness Week: It’s time to wake up the ‘sleepwalkers’

Renny Biggins

As Pension Awareness Week unfolds, The Investing and Saving Alliance’s head of retirement, Renny Biggins, warns that schemes need to increase engagement with their members as delays to auto-enrolment changes are to be expected.

The future of DC schemes: Go big and go green

Dianne Day

Independent Trustee Services client director Dianne Day details the drivers behind consolidation in the defined contribution market, and the role environmental, social and governance investing is playing in this area.

More sustainability disclosure requirements coming to pensions?

Andy Lewis

Travers Smith pensions group partner Andy Lewis details how the UK’s version of the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation could look like and how these could affect pension schemes.